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First, we’d like you to do some reading to gain a fuller picture of the relationship between Natives and settlers:

· And the Strife Never Ends: Indian-White Hostility As Seen By European Travelers in America, 1800 – 1860: A brief article about the way contemporary Europeans viewed the ongoing conflict between Natives and the American government. You can read it at this link. This reading is required.

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(Link To Article:


· Owning Red: A Theory of Indian (Cultural) Appropriation: An article about the long history of “cultural appropriation” of Native land, artifacts, property, and other cultural resources by white society. Section II, “Indian Appropriation” (pages 869 – 891) details the legal history of conflicts between Natives and non-Natives over land and other property. You can read it at this link. Pages 869 – 891 of this reading are required.

· (Link To Article:


Question 1: Name three historical lenses that you could apply to gain a fuller picture of the relationship between Natives and white settlers.

Question 2: Revise the thesis statement at the top of this page to reflect a more complex view of the relationship between Natives and white settlers.

Your revised thesis statement should be longer than one sentence.

The video transcript is attached to the question.

The history surrounding the perhaps real, perhaps apocryphal “harvest feast” between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag is a complex story in several different ways. The following questions will help you develop your understanding of the concept of historical complexity. Be sure to respond to these questions in one to two sentences, using proper grammar.

Question 3: Name three historical lenses that you could use to look at the events described in the video you just saw.

Question 4: Massasoit’s decision to approach the Pilgrims about an alliance was contingent on what previous event or events? (Name one or two.)

Question 5: Name one short-term consequence and one long-term consequence of the alliance between the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims.

Because historical events are complex, they are often misunderstood. Only with research and analysis can we move past those misunderstandings and get at the historical truth.

Take some time to think about the historical event you’ve chosen to analyze in this course and how your understanding of it may have changed over the last seven weeks. As you answer the question below, please be sure to include a brief description of your historical event. Be sure to respond to the question in two to three sentences, using proper grammar.

Question 6: How has your understanding of the historical event in your essay changed as a result of your research? Describe one instance of a misconception or a wrong idea you had about your topic that has been corrected after researching and writing about it.

The Cherokee Removal, and the tragic westward journey along the Trail of Tears, is one of the most sorrowful events in American history. But it is also one of the most complex. The following questions ask you to think about the Cherokee Removal in the way a historian would. Be sure to respond to each question in two to three sentences, using proper grammar.

Question 7: Name four historical lenses through which you could analyze the events of the Cherokee Removal. Specify one aspect of this event for each lens that you cite.

Question 8: Agree or disagree with the following thesis statement: “The Treaty of New Echota was invalid, and the National Party was correct to oppose

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