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Conclusion Directions

Conclusion Directions

Submit in Week 6 in class assignment.

DUE MAY 8TH, 2018

Description: The conclusion of a research paper is a FORMAL and comprehensive discussion about the research findings and how it is relevant to both the scientific community and the general population. It also includes recommendations for further investigations and in this assignment legislative intervention. By including other events, policy and using your data, a clear position on your proposed intervention is supported. This is where you defend your position and recommendations based on your projected outcomes (Public Health) or data (researchers). It concludes with a summarize paragraph that links all concepts throughout the paper together in a compelling argument that is reinforced by the ample scientific evidence in your paper.

Conclusion Page Requirement: 3-6 pages

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1. Discuss and assign meaning to data as it relates to

a. Laboratory/ field study findings

b. The scientific community (this includes the medical field)

c. The general public

2. Include one to two current events related to your topic

a. Topic 1

b. Topic 2

3. Legislative reform

a. Introduce 1 policy change

b. Background information for your audience to understand its link to the result’s meaning

4. Include 2 other beneficial outcomes beyond your findings that will most like occur to justify your position on policy change

a. Justification 1

b. Justification 2

5. Identify 1 special interest group that will lobby against your legislation and counter their position (this can be included as one the arguments you put forth supporting your position)

6. Summary:

a. Interconnect the environmental issue, policy changes, treatments and the health care crisis to support your position

i. Using the Nightingale Pledge organically explain how nursing/ the health care field is directly affected by the status of the environment and policy

ii. Concludes with a compelling statement that stresses the importance of action by the congress


Abstract Page Requirements: 1 page

Submit in Final Cumulative Paper Introduction (Discussion board)

This section is the first component of the paper but it is written last. It is a complete summary of the entire paper and contains the most important pieces of information from each section of the paper (lit review, materials, methods, results and conclusion). The writing of this piece needs to be efficient and streamed line because it is how readers decide if the paper as a whole is worth reading.

· Lit review: 2-5 sentences

· Over view of the topic and the problems related

· Methods/Materials: 2-5 sentences

· Introduce techniques used and explain their purpose

· Include criteria for test subjects if relevant

· Results 2-5: sentences

· Include the most important data that you collected

· Conclusion: 2- 5 sentences

· Explain what your results mean

· Explain why political intervention is needed to address this issue

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