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Gibbs reflective model



Gibbs Reflection Model (1988)

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Assessment 2: Angela Phillips

Gibbs reflective model

Stage One: Description

• What happened? – What happened during your class, something that

taught you about yourself as a person/ nurse. It may have been new to your experience.

– Give an account of it, describing everything relevant that went on.

– Keep to the point, avoid all unnecessary detail. – Your purpose at this stage is to give your reader a

clear picture of what went on.






Stage Two: Feelings

• What did you feel about it? • What did you think about?

– You are bound to have feelings about what happened. You may have felt anxious/ confused, especially if what happened was new to you. The important thing is to show how you managed to do what was expected of you despite your anxiety.

– Try to describe/explain your feelings. – What was affecting them? – the actions of others (experienced staff, the

patient, family); knowledge that you held (something which patient had disclosed to you earlier, personal thoughts/opinion on the issue)?

– Were you thinking – ‘That’s a useful thing to do’ or ‘I wouldn’t do that or why are they doing that…’ ?

– Did your thoughts and feelings change during the scenario? If so, why? – Did your thoughts and feelings affect your actions at the time? – Looking back, have your views changed?


Stage Three: Evaluation

• What was good or bad about the experience? – What do you think went well in the situation? Did you

learn anything useful as a result of taking part in what went on?

– Did anything give you cause for concern – either in what others did or what you did? Was there something which you would not wish to experience again?

– Was there anything that the patient/the family said that made you think or taught you something?


Stage Four: Analysis

• What sense can you make of it all? – Using secondary sources (books, journals, websites etc), this is

where you explore some of the key issues raised in the scenario. – You can show how well you are keeping up with ‘evidence

based’ practice. – Show the knowledge you have about a particular patient/client

problem/need. – Show that you understand what causes the problem/need. – Explain how nurses can help. – Show that you understand the prescribed medication/other

therapies. – Show that you recognise that patients/clients are individuals

and may not respond to care in the way the textbooks/journal articles lead you to expect.





Stage Five: Conclusion

• What else could you have done? – Could you have learned anything by talking to the

patient/client/the family about the experience? – Was there anything you should have noticed, that you

should have done/reported/asked about/read about? – Was there anything you could have discussed with

your mentor/supervisor/tutor? – Is there any literature that you now think you ought to

look at – or any advice you could look for?


Stage Six: Action Plan

• Action changes things: – How has the experience helped you to improve your

practice? – Has it revealed your strengths (as well as your

weaknesses!)? – How would you respond in a similar situation? Do you feel

more confident? – What advice would you give to other learners in similar

situations when you are a qualified nurse responsible for looking after learners on placement in your clinical area?

– Will you be better able to communicate with patients/clients/families because of what you experienced?

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