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Identify and describe the first diagnosis listed under the Chronic Diagnoses section

Module 06 Course Project: Full Medical Record

Each question is associated with the medical record provided. Refer to this when answering each question. Please type your answer in the “Click here to enter text” space.

Patient – Nancy Jackson-Davis

Identify and describe the first diagnosis listed under the Chronic Diagnoses section.

Click here to enter text.

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Which medication was prescribed for Nancy’s diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease?

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Which anatomical organ did Nancy have removed in 1992?

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Which of Nancy’s relatives experienced a condition that could be described as “a protrusion of an abdominal organ”?

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Around 1996, Nancy received a vaccination that will protect which of her digestive organs?

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In Nancy’s physical examination, which two abdominal organs are explicitly noted?

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On her March 6th visit, Nancy received a prescription for a new medication. As noted in her medical chart, what is the medical abbreviation of how many times per day should she take this medication?

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On her April 8 office visit, Nancy reports a new symptom involving blood. Identify the medical term and define it.

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Nancy’s physician notes her pain complaints as “epigastric.” What does this mean?

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Throughout Nancy’s medical chart, a hernia is mentioned. What type of hernia does she have? Describe where it is and which anatomical structures are involved.

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On April 8, Nancy’s physician orders an imaging procedure. Name and define this procedure.

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On April 8, which lab test is ordered with the order number 1704Q0Y0? If this test were positive, it would mean blood is present in the _____.

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According to Nancy’s imaging report, which of the 3 anatomical regions of the small intestine was explored?

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In Nancy’s imaging report, what does the abbreviation LES stand for?

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Nancy’s imaging report notes a new finding that is not mentioned anywhere else in her medical chart. What is it?

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You will primarily use your textbook as a reference this week. Provide a citation for your textbook (in APA format) here:

Click here to enter text.


You will also likely need to use other course materials or resources to answer all of this assignment’s questions. If you used other references, cite them here:

Click here to enter text.


*If you are unfamiliar with APA citation, please see the Rasmussen College APA Guide: http://guides.rasmussen.edu/apa Select “References” on the left-hand panel and choose the type of reference you used.


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