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 What’s Your Leadership Style? (Links to an external site.)

· Visit the website:  What’s Your Leadership Style? (Links to an external site.)

· Take the Leadership Quiz

· Calculate the score

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· Read the interpretation of your score

· Share your results (interpretation of scores) in the discussion question

· Answer the following discussion questions: and add a photo

· Am I the leader I thought I was according to the quiz? Explain your answer.

· What are the positive and negative aspects of your leadership style?

· Would I like to report to a leader like myself? If so, why? If not, which leadership style would you like to report to? Why?

· Individually respond to two of your peers adding a photo to both



Response 1 student 1 krysta

I am somewhat the leader I thought I was after taking this quiz. According to this exam I lean toward democratic or participative leadership style with a score of 25. I think it is important to actively involve team members in the decision making process and value the background and ideas of all individuals.

Positive aspects of this leadership style include building trust with the people you work with by including them. However, negative aspects include slowing down a decision that needs to be made quickly. This quiz suggested taking a more autocratic approach when these quick decisions need to be made.

I would like to report to a leader like myself because I appreciate when someone values the ideas and experiences of others, but isn’t afraid to make a decision quickly when things need to. I have included a picture showing some advantages and disadvantages of participative leadership!



Response 2 student 2 -ebrahim


· According to the result of the quiz, I think I have some leadership qualities and features. The result with 25 score put me at the democratic, participative leadership level and honestly it reflects my style that I like to follow when dealing with some people toward achieving some goals and purposes. It is good to let other members in the team to participate and put their opinion at the table and to invite everyone to discuss and to practice brainstorming process to analyze the problem and to get the best possible solutions. Letting the team members to participate in the decision-making processes will help to establish a trusted relationship and to build a strong team to achieve the best result and it also will help members to bear their responsibilities and to make them feel valued and respected (Mind tools, 2021).

· The presence of trust between the leader and team members is a good idea to base a positive environment and collaboration with each other. Involving all team members in the discussion process and during the decision-making process will help the team and the leader to gain some creative ideas, thoughts and new input that we could have when we are working alone. This style is not without negative aspects because it is not the right way and the correct style during critical times, high pressure situations, and during crisis and stressful condition where the fast thinking and decision, and the quick reaction is the appropriate and the correct way to response the right way at the right time. Also, this style in leading can slow down the leading process sometimes especially if the leader allows everyone to participate in every decision.

·  There are many strategies that can help to establish a team culture that could enable team members to practice a healthy debates and discussion without conflict. To achieve that, the leader must be open and flexible with all team members, encourage everyone to participate, and learn and discuss some resolution strategies and skills (Mind tools, 2021).

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