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According to the video “Nevada: A History of the Silver State,” the Nevada Test Site began atomic weapons tests in:

1) According to the video “Nevada: A History of the Silver State,” the Nevada Test Site began atomic weapons tests in:

2) Of the following, the largest source of Nevada’s state revenue today comes from:

3) The PISTOL initiative that was on the ballot in 2006 and 2008 redefined:

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4) According to Bowers, Nevada is currently best described as a:

5) According to the video, “Nevada: A History of the Silver State,” Perry Thomas:

6)In Nevada, which of the following may initiate revenue bills?

7) What happens when “none of these candidates” receives the most votes?

8)The disagreement regarding marijuana is best understood as a debate concerning the separation of powers among the three branches of government at the national level.

9)Recall is the process for:

10)The authority to appropriate funds to agencies experiencing a shortfall between meetings of the legislature belongs to the:

11)Which of the following is absolutely necessary in order to amend the state constitution?

12)Which of the following is true of the Board of County Commissioners in each county in Nevada?

13)Sovereignty refers to:

14)Which of the following is false regarding the Governor’s appointment powers?

15)In Nevada, lotteries

16 According to Bowers, the Governor’s chief power for shaping the legislative agenda is/are:

17)According to Nevada state law, the maximum amount of time a state senator may serve is:

18)Incorporation is the process that allows which of the following?

19)Which of the following is not a requirement to become a Nevada District Court judge?

20)Which of the following were among the national issues that provided Nevada the final impetus toward statehood near the end of the Civil War?

21)The Nevada Enabling Act required that the Nevada Constitution:

22)Which of the following originate in state District Court?

23)How many electoral college votes does Nevada have in presidential elections?

24)Which of the following regarding equal rights for women in Nevada is false?

25) Nevada citizens must currently meet all of the following eligibility requirements in order to vote except:

26)Which of the following is true regarding terms of office for the members of the Nevada state legislature?

27)In a unitary form of government power:

28)How many members are on the Nevada Supreme Court?

29)According to your text, which of the following is not a gaming tax levied in Nevada?

30)The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution addressed concerns about 

31)Nevada’s primary elections are closed, meaning:

32)District court judges in Nevada:

33)Which of the following is not true of the Hispanic population in Nevada?34)According to lecture, which of the following is not primarily controlled by the national government?

35)According to Bowers, in 1994 & 1996 state voters limited state campaign contributions to:

36)According to the video “Nevada: A History of the Silver State,” approximately what percentage of Nevada is owned by the federal government?

37) According to Bowers, which of the following best describes the dominance of interest groups  in the state of Nevada aver time?

38)The state constitution in Nevada prohibits the levying of:

39) According to your text, local governments are considered:

40)Nevada’s Legislative Counsel Bureau

41)The Nevada Constitution, as   ratified in 1864

42)The number of positions that make up the executive offices in the state of Nevada is:

43)The Nevada legislature meets:

44)According to the video “Nevada: A History of the Silver State,” Las Vegas was founded in 1905 as a result of the sale of land following the:

45)In Nevada:

46)According to the video “Nevada: A History of the Silver State” gaming was legalize in Nevada in:

47)Nevada officials:

48)In order to amend the state constitution through the amendment process:

49)How many counties are in Nevada?

50) In Nevada, which are among the Governor’s options when a bill comes to his/her desk?

51)Nevada was admitted to the Union on:

52)The land that is present-day Nevada was acquired by the U.S. through the:

53)The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Barron v. Baltimore (1833) that:

54) The United States Supreme Court hears appeals from Nevada state courts:

55)According to the fiscal provisions of the Nevada Constitution:

56)According to your text, sales taxes in Nevada are:

57) Which of the following is false?

58) Any law that is upheld by a referendum called by citizen petition can be changed or repealed only through:

59)The Nevada attorney general:

60) Judicial review is the power of the courts to

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