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Article Critique (Malaria’s Effects on Executive Functions in Children)

I: Article Critique (Malaria’s Effects on Executive Functions in Children)

For this assignment you will read and critique an article from a peer-reviewed journal. The purpose of writing a critique is to allow a reader to survey the contents of an article without actually having to read it. It serves to give an overview of the article to the reader who can then decide whether to read the entire article or not. The difference between a critique and an abstract is that the critique includes your professional opinion while the abstract does not. But let me stress: the critique is your professional judgment of an article. Avoid documenting personal opinions and experiences.

The first part of your critique:
• Highlights the major points discussed by the author(s), including a brief discussion of the research conducted (methodology, sample size, and population).
• Includes conclusions and recommendations made by the author(s).
Do not include quotes. Be careful to use your own words and phrases to summarize the article. Do not quote the authors. One of the objectives of the exercise is for you to be able to summarize what you read—not just repeat it.
The second part of your critique:
• Comprises your reaction to the article.
o How do the conclusions from the research match your experiences and knowledge?
o Looks at the research methodology. What is your impression of the way the research was conducted? Does the sample size feel small or isolated?
This part of the critique should answer the questions below:
1. How did the article come across to you as a reader? Is it written clearly and well organized?
2. Who is the intended audience?
3. Does the article clearly define its purpose? If a research-based article, does it present its findings well?
4. Is the writer sensitive to racial and cultural diversity, and is the language culturally and ethnically sensitive?
An objective of this portion of the assignment is for you to learn how to express your opinion in the third person. In your research writing for all your courses, you will need to use the third person.
Use the following outline for critiquing the articles:
Heading: Your name, date, course and section number. This should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the document.
Bibliographic reference: Using APA style, give the complete reference for the article you summarized at the top of the page under your heading.
Critique: The entire critique should be 1-2 pages, double spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins.

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