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   Macroeconomic Analysis on the State of Illinois 5-7 pages, apa style, with min. 4 references (comments, graphs, or charts) for support. plag checked 1.) Introduction: · An overview of what makes Illinois a great state from highest skyscraper, Route 66, and so much more.While also mentioning a quick run-through of Illinois GDP, Employment indicators, […]

Economical Plastic Bird Spikes Won’t Allow Birds

Release – Plastic bird spikes keep pest birds like pigeons, gulls and crows from landing and roosting on your building One of the most effective and humane bird deterrents ever devised is currently available in a variety of sizes and colors. More economical than steel spikes, polycarbonate bird spikes are the anti-perching, anti-roosting bird deterrent […]

Deliverable 1 – Internal Memo Describing a Business Problem

  Competency Develop research strategy skills for business analysis. Scenario You are a manager at a small grocery store chain. In your role it is your responsibility to oversee all aspects of the day to day functioning of your store. This includes the customer experience, sales, management of employees, inventory, etc. Over the previous six […]

HCA 340 Cultural Diversity in Health & Illness

HCA UNIT 3 1. The nurse is observing a healing ceremony performed by people of the American Indian culture. What is a characteristic of this ceremony?   a. Sound  b. Quiet  c. Herbal teas  d. Hallucinogenic plants 2. A patient of the American Indian culture tells the nurse that the medicine man is consulted when an […]

Skittles Target Market

Skittles marketing Skittles is a well-known, long-standing brand that has pleased consumers for generations. However, it is our contention that the name’s growth is stagnating, and needs to be revitalized based upon a core marketing goal: bring Skittles from simply a candy – something one consumes on a whim and forgets about – to a […]

The Best of Times the Worst of Times

Comfort women were women and girls forced into a prostitution corps created by the Empire of Japan. [1] The name “comfort women” is a translation of a Japanese name ianfu (??? ). [2][3] Ianfu is a euphemism for shofu (?? ) whose meaning is “prostitute(s)”. [4] The earliest reporting on the issue in South Korea […]