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One of the effects of the Hellenistic influence on Buddhist art was:

Chinese silk:
a. served mainly as a cloth for summer due to its light nature.
b. was used as currency in China’s diplomatic and military activities.
c. was a luxury commodity because its poor durability made it too fragile for use by those who undertook physical labor.
d. was made from the fibers of hemp plants.
e. was limited by law to use in clothing for elites.

In Judea:
a. the Jewish people readily embraced Hellenism, as it was their first exposure to a foreign culture.
b. Hellenism had little lasting impact.
c. priests were among the first group of Jewish people to embrace Hellenism, recognizing it as a means of expanding their power.
d. the Jewish state outlawed all Hellenistic cultural practices.
e. some parts of the Jewish elite embraced Hellenism, while others rejected this assimilation.

Caravan cities:
a. brought rare commodities from northern Europe to the Mediterranean.
b. were stark and austere places, as they were merely temporary.
c. emerged at the end points of major trade routes.
d. in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula were central in transporting slaves to central Asia.
e. often served to promote local cultures in opposition to Hellenism, since their mobility discouraged many of the institutions of Hellenism, such as baths and amphitheaters.

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One of the effects of the Hellenistic influence on Buddhist art was:
a. by only depicting male figures.
b. by presenting the Buddha and bodhisattvas in realistic human form.
c. the exclusive use of Greek-style clothing on figures.
d. by depicting the Buddha as an ornately dressed prince.
e. the recurring use of militaristic imagery.

Alexander the Great came from:
a. Macedonia.
b. Anatolia.
c. Persia.
d. Greece.
e. Egypt.

Hellenistic culture included all of the following EXCEPT:
a. theatre.
b. the writing of history.
c. a prohibition on public games of all sorts.
d. philosophical and political thinking.
e. a form of Greek that became the international language of its day.

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