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choose one strategy to discuss in-depth how to apply it to change the overall attitude consumers hold toward the brand you select.

Attitude formation and attitude change are discussed in this module. When consumers hold a negative attitude toward a brand, firms should respond with some marketing activities, attempting to change consumer attitude. In this discussion board, your initial posts should include:

  • Think about a brand you are familiar with and visit its website (e.g., Yankee candles’ website) or other retailing websites that sell the brand (e.g., Amazon reviews for Yankee candles). Find one negative consumer review. Please first quote this review, and then write a response to the unhappy customer as if you were the customer service representative of the brand.
  • Next, discuss more generally how to improve consumers’ attitudes toward the brand you select. Based on multi attribute attitude model, there are mainly five strategies: changing attitudes toward the product class or type, changing the importance consumers attach to one or more attributes, adding a salient attribute to the existing set, improving consumers’ ratings of the brand on one or more salient attributes via more extensive or effective promotion, and lowering the ratings of the salient product characteristics of competing brands. Please choose one strategy to discuss in-depth how to apply it to change the overall attitude consumers hold toward the brand you select.

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