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The environment of an area has an impact on the health status of the population. When the environment encourages activities and initiatives that promote health, the initiatives help to improve the health of the population. Sentinel City has looked into the health needs of the residents. The environment at Sentinel has improved the health of the population by a significant percentage. The paper will focus on the factors that affect health and the evidence of the factors at Sentinel City.


The environment of a place impacts the health of the residents. Community nursing is imperative because it helps the nurses to identify issues that community members face in their daily lives. The problems must have an impact on the health of the members of the community (Pennel, McLeroy, Burdine, & Matarrita-Cascante, 2015). Community nursing concentrates on the facilities that are present and the knowledge that people have regarding different health issues. There are various ways that researchers and nurses can use to dictate the health situation in a population (Rabarison, Timsina, & Mays, 2015). In this case, the factors that affect the health of people of Sentinel City are evident by observing the resources that are present in the locality.

Education is paramount in healthcare, and this is because of the knowledge that people share in educational platforms. In healthcare, the presence of educational institutions has an impact on the overall health of the members of the community. The learning institutions that are present at Sentinel city are proof that the health of the population cannot be doubted. The city plays host to schools in different levels. Health is one of the lessons that teachers teach their students in different levels of education (Rabarison et al. 2015). Having institutions in place improve the health of the population because the nurses get to teach students more about health issues and the best ways that the issues can be addressed. (This area has focused on primary intervention. Primary intervention is promoted when a population engages in initiatives of improving the prevention of illnesses. Education will help people to avoid illnesses because they will know what they need to live a healthy life).

1 The economy of a population affects the health of the population in one way or another.  The economy of Sentinel City is favorable to the people and the city. Most of the people who live within the city are able to meet their daily needs (Pennel et al. 2015). 1 When people live in an area with a good economy, they are able to afford the healthcare services that are paramount to their well-being. In this case, it would be appropriate to conclude that the people of Sentinel are in a better position as far as their health is concerned. 1 The economy does not only promote access to quality healthcare, but it also promotes a good lifestyle that improves the health of the residents (Pennel, McLeroy, Burdine, Matarrita-Cascante, & Wang, 2016). The foods people eat and the availability of finances affect the health of a population. 1 When people have enough money, they are able to afford healthy foods.  At the same time, their stress levels decrease, thus affecting their health in a positive way. (This area deals with secondary intervention. Secondary intervention is promoted by early diagnosis. When people are in a better financial position, they are able to access care as soon as they notice that something is wrong.) Transportation is an aspect that is also paramount when it comes to the health of a population. Easy access to healthcare facilities means that patients are able to get care of the exact time that they need it. Sentinel City has one of the best infrastructures that promote transport in the area. There are roads that make it easy for people to move around. At the same time, the city has buses that make stops close to the hospital. The traffic is well-coordinated, and the roads are close to healthcare facilities (Pennel et al. 2015). The roads in the city connect the residents to different facilities that take care of their education and health. (This section focuses on tertiary intervention. Tertiary interventions are promoted when the disease is already affecting a patient. One of the best ways to promote the health of a population is by having means of accessing healthcare services as soon as there is a need. Improved infrastructure has an impact on the sick because it makes it easier for them to deal with their conditions.) Analysis

1 Community nursing is imperative in healthcare because of the ability to look into the needs of patients at the level of the community.  There are different factors that promote community nursing, and one of the factors is education.  The fact that Sentinel City has different educational institutions means that the city is in the best position to support the health of the population.  Students learn more about different methods that they need to deal with health issues (Pennel et al. 2015). In this respect, it is no doubt that the health of the residents is looked after from a personal and community perspective. 1 When residents learn more about their health, they start looking after their health. The same trend continues at a community level. People share helpful information among themselves, and therefore, educating the population is a way of making sure that the community is healthy.

1 The economy of the city favors health initiatives in the city. The leaders of the city have been able to set up healthcare institutions that are advanced and equipped to meet the needs of the patients (Rabarison et al. 2015). 1 The economy of a nation affects its ability to meet the needs of the citizens. Setting up hospitals is one of the ways of improving the health of the members of a community. The city is also economically stable, and that means that patients are able to afford the healthcare services that the hospitals provide within the locality.

1 The transport sector of Sentinel City has a direct impact on the health of the residents. The roads have made it easier for patients to be rushed to hospitals when they need services. The roads are also in good condition, and that means that they do not encourage accidents (Rabarison et al. 2015). 1 The availability of public means of transport is proof that anyone can access healthcare services as fast as he or she needs.  The transport sector has also been well designed for ambulatory services.

Nursing Diagnosis

1 Nursing diagnosis is an essential practice in the field of healthcare.  The ability of a nurse to be effective in diagnosing an illness is dependent on the knowledge of the nurse and the resources that are placed. In the case of Sentinel City, nurses have the resources and knowledge that they need to be effective in carrying out the diagnosis (Pennel et al. 2015). In Sentinel City, there are learning institutions that help to equip the nurses with the education that they need to be effective in their duties. The main hospital has equipment that is of great help to healthcare practitioners.


1 In healthcare, planning is imperative because it helps healthcare practitioners to know the right approaches to use when dealing with health issues (Rabarison et al. 2015). The way the city is planned is proof that the leaders of the city have done a recommendable job in planning for an environment that improves the health of the residents.

Evaluation Method

1 The evaluation method that has been used in the case is the assessment of the city and the comparison of the environment with health motivators.  The environment affects the health of a population.  It, therefore, becomes imperative to use the environment as the evaluation criterion (Agarwal et al. 2016). 1 The areas that are imperative in this case are the availability of resources that improve the health of the residents and the ability of the practitioners to attend to the patients.

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