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Complete the chart by listing your specific character traits, working conditions, salary ranges, general and special skills, and future professional development needs

PART 1          Deliverable Length:  200-300 words



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As a criminal justice major, you need to carefully and critically consider your goals, interests, and realities associated with the career choice that you are about to make. Your educational needs will be satisfied by the criminal justice degree program you enrolled in, which will prepare you with the necessary knowledge and abilities to become a qualified criminal justice professional. But the journey that you must partake in to acquire employment for a criminal justice job position requires identifying the necessary goals, interests, and realities through an in-depth self-assessment.


What is the significance of identifying your goals and interests when conducting a search for a particular job position or career? Why is it important to identify the realities of specific professions that interest you? Consider how identifying each of the aforementioned aspects will help you focus your search.


PART 2         Deliverable Length:  1,000 to 2,000 words for the essay, no min for chart


The need for completing a self-awareness assessment allows you to gain better insight and an in-depth focus on your personal traits, desirable working conditions, salary ranges, long-term goals, and skill levels that will aid in leading you towards the career that you desire. Assessing your needs through a self-assessment best serves to aid you in your job search by locating job opportunities that best fit your needs and the needs of the employer.


Locate a job announcement for a position in the criminal justice profession and review all the requirements. Review the self-assessment chart that is attached. Take a few moments to think about specific words and phrases that best describe characteristics about yourself and your career considerations for the job position you selected and list them on the following self-assessment chart.  PLEASE SEE ATTATCHMENT!!!


Complete the chart by listing your specific character traits, working conditions, salary ranges, general and special skills, and future professional development needs. Make sure to use as many descriptive words as possible that help to fully describe each of the categories on the chart. In essay format, discuss how and if the position that you chose appeals to your overall career aspirations based on your self-awareness assessment.






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