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Create a graph 1. Are the lung volumes the same in all students?

Create a graph
1. Are the lung volumes the same in all students?

2. Combine class data to see whether there is any correlation between tidal volume or vital capacity and sex, smoking or apparent fitness (eg couch potato or athlete)?

3. Did tidal volume change after exercise? Did inspiratory and expiratory reserves change after exercise?

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4. Did exercise influence the time taken for each breathing cycle?

5. Did the rate of air flow during the inhalation phase increase with exercise? How can you account for this?

6. Did the rate of air flow during the exhalation phase increase with exercise—how can you account for this?

7. Did the volume of air passing in and out of the resting volunteer’s lungs each minute increase due to exercise? If so, was this due to an increase in the rate of breathing, the depth of breathing (tidal volume) or a combination of both factors?

8. Did exercise influence the vital capacity of the individual?

9. If the tidal volume changed due to exercise, can this be accounted for by changes in the TV, IR, the ER or some combination of both?

10. What is the MINUTE VOLUME? Calculate the minute volume for each class member before and after exercise. The slope of the spirogram is related to the amount of oxygen consumed. How does the slope (of your spirogram only) change before and after exercise?

11. It has been found that while ventilation, oxygen uptake, and breathing capacities all vary considerably among individuals depending on their sex, age, training, and other factors, the magnitude of respiratory performance is most closely related to the individual’s body surface area (B.S.A.). The BSA can be calculated from the height and weight as indicated by Table I. Calculate your body surface area from the chart and add this number to the board. Is the BSA in fact a better indicator of pulmonary performance than the other factors examined?

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