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Custom Styles and Building Blocks

Word 2016 Chapter 6 Using Custom Styles and Building Blocks Last Updated: 9/30/16 Page 1

USING MICROSOFT WORD 2016 Independent Project 6-6

Independent Project 6-6 For this project, you revise a brochure for Emma Cavalli at Placer Hills Real Estate. You update existing styles, create new

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styles, apply styles, and create Header, AutoText, and Quick Parts building blocks.

Skills Covered in This Project • Add document properties.

• Modify test and update a style to match

selected text.

• Create new styles.

• Apply styles to selected text.

• Create a Quick Parts building block.

• Create an AutoText building block.

• Insert a document property field.

• Create a Header building block.

• Create a new Header category.

• Assign AutoText building blocks to a category

• Modify Styles pane options

1. Open the CavalliBrochure-06 start file. If the document opens in Protected View, click the Enable

Editing button so you can modify it.

2. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if

directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.

3. Customize the following document properties:

Title: Brochure Company: Placer Hills Real Estate

Author: Emma Cavalli (remove existing author if necessary)

4. Update and apply styles.

a. Select “Emma Cavalli” and update the Heading 1 style to match the selected text.

b. Select “Realtor Consultant” and change the After paragraph spacing to 6 pt.

c. Update the Heading 2 style to match the selected text.

d. Apply the Heading 2 style to the other section headings in the document.

5. Modify a bulleted list, create a new style, and apply a style.

a. Select the bulleted list in the second column.

b. Change the bullet to a check mark (Wingdings, character code 252).

c. Create a style based on the selected text and name the style Check Bullet.

d. Apply the Check Bullet style to the numbered list in the first column.

e. Apply the Check Bullet style to the lines of text in the “Education & Training” section.

6. Save the PHRE logo (bottom right) as a Quick Parts building block with the following properties:

Name: PHRE logo bottom right

Gallery: Quick Parts

Category: General

Description: Insert PHRE logo

Save in: Building Blocks

Options: Insert content only

7. Select the entire table in the third column and save as an AutoText building block with the

following properties:

Name: PHRE beliefs

Gallery: AutoText

Category: General


Step 1: Download start file




Word 2016 Chapter 6 Using Custom Styles and Building Blocks Last Updated: 9/30/16 Page 2

USING MICROSOFT WORD 2016 Independent Project 6-6


Description: Insert PHRE table

Save in: Building Blocks

Options: Insert content only

8. Edit the header, select “Placer Hills,” and replace it with the Company document property field.

9. Select the table in the header and save it in the Headers gallery with the following properties:

Name: PHRE header landscape

Gallery: Headers

Category: PHRE (create new category)

Description: Insert PHRE header

Save in: Building Blocks

Options: Insert content only

10. Modify the Styles Pane Options to show only those styles in use, sort styles alphabetically, and

apply these settings only in this document.

11. Save and close the document (Figure 6-112). When you exit Word after creating and saving

building blocks, you might be prompted to save these changes. Click Save to save changes.

12. Upload and save your project file.

13. Submit project for grading.


6-112 Word 6-6 Completed

Step 2 Upload & Save

Step 3 Grade my Project

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