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Describe the characteristics of a highly effective leader. Which of these characteristics does the leader exhibit?


Sullivan (2017). Read Chapters: 7, 8, 11, 12,


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Written Assignment- Building and Managing Teams- The purpose of this paper is for you to discuss a highly effective leader in your organization following the criteria in items one (1) through five (5).

1. Describe the characteristics of a highly effective leader. Which of these characteristics does the leader exhibit?

2. Describe the leader’s communication skills with staff, physicians, other members of the interdisciplinary team, peers, and executives. What techniques do they use to address sensitive topics and conflict? Is it effective? Be specific

3. Discuss the types of interpersonal power they use to accomplish work and overcome resistance to change.

4. Describe the leader’s team(s).  Are they high-performing? If so, please explain why the team is high performing. If not, why does the team not perform well?

5. Discuss the leadership skills the leader uses to building and manage groups and teams.



1. Must include 4 references, 2 must be from course materials and 2 from peer reviewed references

1. Paper must be APA format, 7th edition—including a title and reference page separate from the body of the paper

1. Paper should be double spaced throughout and 2-3 pages long (title and references are not included in the page count)


1. Reference must be no older than 5 years (2015-2021) unless course material.


Suggested Headings:

Title of Paper (centered, bolded) – Title of paper goes on top of page 2 also – bold and centered

Introductory paragraph (do not use a heading)

Highly Effective Leader (centered, first letter of each word capitalized and bold)

Nurse Leader Communication Skills (centered, first letter of each word capitalized and bold)

Communication Techniques (left margin justified, first letter of each work capitalized and bold)

Nurse Leader Interpersonal Power (centered, first letter of each word capitalized and bold)

Teams (centered, first letter of each word capitalized and bold)

Leadership Skills Necessary to Build and Manage Teams (centered, first letter of each word capitalized and bold)

In conclusion, at the beginning of the paragraph

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