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Discussion Post #1 How would you choose when to use Pearson of Spearman correlation.  Find scientific examples of these being used in research.

Discussion Post #1

How would you choose when to use Pearson of Spearman correlation.  Find scientific examples of these being used in research.

Discussion Post #2

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Please post what class you are signed up for in the next MOD. If  this is your last class please post this so other students see you are  completing your degree and state what degree you have completed.

Respond to other students and let them know if you are registered  for the same class, have taken it in the past, or congratulate them on  completing their degree.

Quiz Questions

Questions 23-25 refer to the following data depicting the relationship between political affiliation and fear of crime:

Liberal    Moderate Conservative
High            15          18      13
Moderate     11          13           15
Low            18          11        12
23.Calculate the sum frequency of agreement (N subscript a).

24. Calculate the sum frequency of inversions (N subscript i).

25. Calculate Goodman’s and Kruskal’s Gamma

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