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During the development of settled agriculture, the emerging divisions between males and females:

During the development of settled agriculture, the emerging divisions between males and females:
a. left women performing more grueling agricultural labor than men.
b. left women as dominant in the household but men as dominant in the political realm.
c. allowed women to concentrate on domestic chores and child-rearing while men labored in the fields.
d. led to a drastic decline in birthrates.
e. empowered women, who had control over procreation and therefore the future of the community.

Why did early hominids become bipedal?
a. Environmental changes occurred after the last Ice Age.
b. They could not fight off predators without the use of their hands.
c. They could not compete with other apes in the trees.
d. There were fewer predators on the savannas.
e. Their physical structure changed.

When did significant cultural differences emerge among humans?
a. with the advent of settled agriculture
b. while they were hunter-gatherers
c. when humans began to produce art
d. when different languages developed
e. when hominids moved out of Africa

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Australopithecus africanus was unique, compared to other animals of its time, because:
a. it was bigger than other predators.
b. it created sophisticated artwork on cave walls.
c. it possessed a brain capacity equal to modern humans.
d. it walked on two legs.
e. it was faster than other predators.

The Cro-Magnon were:
a. Homo sapiens who replaced the Neanderthals in Europe.
b. Neanderthals who survived in isolated locations into the twentieth century.
c. the descendants of Homo habilis who taught tool-making skills to the Neanderthals.
d. the last Neanderthal clan, which became extinct around 30,000 BCE in Spain.
e. the hominid group that replaced Homo erectus.

All of the world’s “races” have a great deal in common because:
a. they share common creation myths.
b. human nutritional requirements forced humans toward similar agricultural activities.
c. the development of language requires a uniform mental structure in human brains.
d. in terms of hominid development, humans have only recently begun living separately from one another.
e. the stable environment of the earth prevented diverse hominid species from emerging.

Humans learned how to domesticate plants and animals for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
a. some regions hitting the ceiling of natural food supply without the cultivation of crops.
b. human intelligence being acute enough to refashion nature to meet human needs.
c. population pressure.
d. the discovery of fire, which widened the range of food they could eat.
e. climate change making conditions for settled agriculture particularly good in some areas of the world.

Prehistoric cave painting:
a. was painted on flat wall surfaces without any sense of depth or perspective.
b. is so primitive that scholars cannot interpret what they mean.
c. includes images of animals but no examples of abstract symbols.
d. includes few images of humans.
e. dates back only ten thousand years.

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