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Everyone needs to get a chance to work with the best accounts


ENG315 E-mail Scenarios

Scenario 1

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Carlos, a sales manager for a commercial furniture distributor, has received complaints that Jason, one of the firm’s top-performing sales reps “has it too easy” and “should have to prove his loyalty by working harder.”

In response to the complaints he received, Carlos sends a few brief texts to Jason, assigning him to a completely different account.

Jason responds to the messages, requesting a meeting with Carlos to discuss the proposed change. Carlos responds with another text message that reads “Decision is final. Everyone needs to get a chance to work with the best accounts, so it is fair. Come by the office and pick up your new files.”

Moments later, Jason sends a text message to Malik, his regional manager and Carlos’s boss. It simply reads “We need to talk.”

Think of this situation from the perspective of how Carlos handled the complaints he received about Jason. Was his decision to pull Jason from the top accounts appropriate? Was Jason’s text to Malik appropriate? Write your response from either Carlos or Jason’s perspective, addressing the situation professionally and courteously.

Scenario 2

Shannon, Leon, and Craig work for Rio Valley Homes, Inc., a real estate marketing firm. While on a conference call with Donegan’s Photography, an established client, the group discusses potential problems with a recent marketing campaign. Donegan Sands, the lead photographer and owner of Donegan’s Photography, insists the marketing is working, and changes are not needed.

Shannon reaches over to put Donegan on mute but inadvertently pushes the wrong button. She tells Leon and Craig that the marketing campaign is not working and that “Donegan should just stick to taking pretty pictures.” Donegan calmly clears his throat and responds, “You know I can hear you, right?”

Think of this situation from Shannon’s perspective. Imagine she is embarrassed by what happened as Donegan is a well-respected client. How should Shannon respond?

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Scenario 3

Jeffrey, the on-duty shift manager at Star Inc., has received communication from the business’s leadership that tardiness among shift work employees hurts morale.

Veronica, a shift production staff employee, shows up to work approximately fifteen minutes late one morning, walking silently and quickly to punch in at the time clock near the front desk.

Michelle, the front desk manager, says, “Good morning, Veronica,” but Veronica ignores her, punches in, and heads into the shop to her desk. Michelle rolls her eyes, picks up the phone, and lets Jeffrey know that Veronica just arrived and should be reaching her desk at any moment.

Think about this situation from Jeffrey’s perspective – how should he address Veronica’s behavior?

Scenario 4

Darrell works for the website division of Leader’s Choice, a technology-oriented retail company. Darrell receives an e-mail on a Friday afternoon indicating that a new tablet computer will launch at the end of the month and that it will be in high demand with limited stock. The three- page message also indicates that customers will be able to preorder the item 30 days before launch. Darrell is asked to create a landing page for consumers who are interested in learning more about the tablet.

By mistake, Darrell sets up a page that allows customers to preorder tablets that afternoon, well in advance of the company’s authorized preorder period. By late that Friday evening, fourteen customers have placed preorders for the tablet.

Alyssa, vice president of product sales at Leader’s Choice, learns of the error Saturday morning and calls Darrell to arrange a meeting first thing Monday morning. Alyssa explains to Darrell that the company intends to cancel all preorders. Darrell responds that the company should honor the preorders because the error was internal and not the fault of consumers. After a heated exchange, Darrell hangs up on Alyssa when she insists that the preorders will be canceled because of Darrell’s error.

Think about this situation from either Darrell’s or Alyssa’s perspective. The exchange was heated and both parties are justifiably frustrated. Write your response based on how you think either character should leverage their professional writing skills to follow up on the tense phone call.

© 2020 Strayer University. All Rights Reserved. This document contains Strayer University Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be copied, further distributed, or otherwise disclosed in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of Strayer University.

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