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Explain the concept of the marketing management of defending the practice of social media marketing.

Explain the concept of the marketing management of defending the practice of social media marketing.

Starbucks uses many social media platforms to market their products. The company spend 72 million in 2019 on social media advertising which is 5 million less than the previous year (Department, 2021). According to our reading social media marketing is the promotion through the use of digital technologies such as desktops, laptops, tablet, and smartphones that do not involve a salesperson. This approach enables customers to connect with the company directly in a two-way exchange (Marshall, 2018). Starbucks uses social media to execute customer service quickly and effectively. Within an hour, a customer will receive a response. They make specific accounts for seasonal beverages on Twitter. On Instagram they have an account for every country a Starbucks’ store can be found in (Michael, 2018).

Social media helps companies reach more of the population. In this era we are on social media a lot during the day. Most of our work is done on a computer or tablet. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are very popular and have millions of followers. Social media can be used for many things for a company. Starbucks uses Facebook to share news and new job openings. The company uses Facebook and Twitter to address their customer complaints. Twitter is used for promoting products, rewards programs, job opportunities, and company news. With Twitter customers receive real time updates on the feed, which is excellent for showcasing videos and images. Starbucks uses Instagram for promoting products, and showcasing images and videos (Pratap, 2017).

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Examine at least 1 practical application/example of defending the practice of social media marketing.

Starbucks does a great amount of marketing through social media. They reach a broader audience and can respond to customer complaint faster. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are very popular social media platforms with millions of followers. Because of these platforms Starbucks was able to boost their marketing of products and coffee.  They are also able to view customer’s ideas and take polls. Social media has influencers now. There is a trend on Tiktok of people recommended their Starbucks drink. Many people have went to Starbucks and ordered that exact drink. And then have gotten on Tiktok and recommended it. There has even been barista in Starbucks telling customers how to order their favorite drink. They all break down exactly what you are supposed to order. I am guilty of this. Without social media Starbucks would not be receiving the influx of customers. This new trend has become very popular too. Advertising on social media has giving the public the option of seeing the drink and hear reviews from others. Starbucks advertised the unicorn Frappuccino. On every social media platform I was on I saw the drink. It was everywhere. Many loved the drink and many didn’t.  Based on social media and the customer’s feedback I didn’t try the drink. I honestly didn’t think I would like it. Starbucks has also spend millions to advertise on the social media platforms.

Starbucks recently paused advertising on all social media platforms to discuss the spread of hate speech. It will continue to post on social media without paid promotion. Their goal is to bring the community together in person and online. They believe more must be done to create welcoming and inclusive online communities. Many companies are making a statement and showing advertiser they will not support a company that puts profit over safety.  (Graham, 2020). Social media has a huge impact on our world today.

Formulate a question for classmates about your topic that your classmates will respond to.


Given that social media is so popular now, do you feel the advertising is too much now? Everywhere were turn there is some type of advertisement. We can’t watch a television show are browse through Facebook without seeing at least four or more.

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