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Finalising Your Research Question and Methodology

Finalising Your Research Question and Methodology
The previous units in the module have guided you in choosing a research topic and in reviewing how other researchers have addressed this or similar topics. In Unit 3,you shared options for research questions and methodologies to address those questions. For this Individual Assignment, you will develop your research question and methodology for your research proposal. You will receive feedback on your question and methodology which you can incorporate into your Final Project, and you will be prepared to design a data analysis and presentation plan in Unit 5.
To complete this Individual Assignment:
Describe your chosen methodology and your rationale for selecting this particular methodology.
– Explain how it relates to your research question.
– Critically analyse the strengths and weakness of choosing this particular methodology and why other methodologies would not be as useful or appropriate.
– Describe the data collection tools and techniques youwill use as part of your methodology and how you willimplement these.
– Include your approach to sampling and how you will determine your sample size, if appropriate.Identify any ethical issues involved in data collection using your chosen methods and discuss how you will address these issues.

To complete this Shared Activity:
By approximately Day 4 of Unit 4, post a critical analysis of the research methods used in the management research example you selected.
-Include in your analysis commentary on the following questions:
– What, if any, primary data sources were presented in the management research example you analysed?
– What, if any, secondary data sources were presented?
– What alternative research methodologies could be employed to study the same research question?Explain your reasoning.
– What alternative data collection strategies could be employed to study the same research question?Explain your reasoning
– Respond to at least two of your colleagues with additional ideas about the examples they have posted, adding further insights or expanding on their recommendations for alternative ways of studying the same research question.
– Continue this discussion with your colleagues until the end of the unit by commenting on the relationship between data collection, interpretation and drawing conclusions.

To complete this Shared Activity
:By approximately Day 2 of the second week of Unit4, post a draft of the methodology section of your research proposal.
– Provide a rationale for yourdecisions about methodology and methods and explain how your chosen methodology and methods will help you address your research question. Include in your post some discussion of alternative methods and tools you have considered to gather research data.
– Why would these be less useful than theones you chose? Provide feedback to at least two of your colleagues on their methodology and methods,suggesting ways of refining their choices orconsidering alternatives.
– Discuss with your colleagues the challenges you foresee in employing your chosen data collection methods and how you can overcome these challenges.Identify any ethical issues involved in datacollection using your chosen methods and discuss how these could impact the validity of your findings, as well as how you will address these issues.

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