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For this assignment, you will list the impact of the term it was be it: Economic, Social, or Political..

For this assignment, you will list the impact of the term it was be it: Economic, Social, or Political… Then connect it to what was happening in American History at the time- include dates, names of people involved, and the outcome of the event, issue, or term itself.
French Revolution Marbury v Madision Mexican Cession
Jay Treaty Gibbons v Ogden War of 1812
Whiskey Rebellion McCulloch v Maryland The Whig Party
Republicanism Worchester v Georgia Andrew Jackson
Age of Enlightenment Thomas Jefferson Spoils System
Louisiana Purchase Adams-Onis Treaty Indian Removal Policy
John Adams Webster-Ashburton Treaty Second Bank of the U.S.
Quasi-War Northwest Ordinance Tariff of Abominations
Alien & Sedition Acts Pinckney’s Treaty Panic of 1937
John Marshall Texas Annexation Trail of Tears
James Madison James Monroe Cherokee Nation v Georgia
XYZ Affair Mexican-American War ” Five Civilized Tribes”
Fries Rebellion Treaty of Guadulupe Hidalgo John C. Calhoun
Oregon Treaty 49th Parallel
Monroe Doctrine John Quincy Adams
judicial review Gadsden Purchase

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