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Global Crisis Communications Plan

An organization (Facebook Security Concerns focusing on data leaks over the past couple of years, and in particular the one from 2018) you will work on that has had a public relations crisis within the last 12-36 months. You will want to select something large enough that there are articles available on this issue. Not something small as you will want news coverage and volume. 2. The outline of the plan should include the following:

a. Assess the situation – Provide a complete written summary with adequate details pursuant to their organizational or product/service failure that become a public relations/communications situation for the company.

b. Outline why the crisis happened? What were the relevant issues (culture, distribution, pricing, product failure)?

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c. Suggest whether or not the organization was successful in their initial crisis mitigation or if they failed. Discuss why or why not.

d. Formulate a new global communications strategy/plan. Determine how you will communicate this message. Choose at least three marketing communications methodologies to share the communication (for example, company website, blog, social media – be specific as to which channel, press/news release, or any other marketing communications method that is appropriate given the issue and the industry). Outline the target market or markets for this communication if there is more than one.

e. Create three sample marketing communications that you will use in your strategy.

f. Suggest a timeline for implementation.

g. How will you measure success in your communications strategy?

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