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How do you plan and develop this presentation so that it takes into account the background and cultures of those involved?

Scenario 1
You are the health educator at a health department in a large, diverse city in the United States. At one elementary school close to your office, there are a number of children who immigrated to the United States from various African countries within the last 3 years. These children are being bullied in the playground and are being called “Ebola” instead of their actual names. The parents of these children are afraid for their children’s lives; other parents are afraid that their children are going to get Ebola from being in the classroom with the immigrant children. The principal and school board have asked the health department to do a presentation and speak with the parents, teachers, and staff about Ebola.

In 2–3 paragraphs, respond to the following:
● How do you plan and develop this presentation so that it takes into account the background and cultures of those involved?
● What do you need to know? What do the parents, teachers, and school staff need to know?
● What resources will you include?
● Include any presentation material that you might design.

Scenario 2
You live in a large urban city where there are many immigrants from countries around the world. Your city prides itself on being tolerant and diverse. The community agency where you are a health educator is located in an area of the city where the recent immigrants tend to live in large apartment buildings. Your
leadership decides that they should be proactive and educate people in these buildings about Ebola. There are over 20 different languages spoken, and the people who live there come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds; some cannot read or write, and others are well educated and were professionals in their country of origin.

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In 2–3 paragraphs, respond to the following:
● How would you prepare an educational campaign for this population?
● How do you develop the campaign so that it is appropriate for the cultures and backgrounds of the population?
● Include any educational material that you might design.

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