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Identity three reasons why the French government was unable to deal with its financial crisis by the 1780s.

Answer the questions below based on chapters four and five of Edward Berenson’s textbook “Europe in the Modern World Since 1500”:
1. Identity three reasons why the French government was unable to deal with its financial crisis by the 1780s.
2. Define who the Physiocrats were and why the policy of deregulation of agricultural prices they advocated contributed to economic hardship in the years before the French Revolution of 1789.
3. Briefly identify the reasons why the French Revolution became more radicalized even after Louis XVI was forced to accept limits on royal authority in the period 1789-1792.
4. What was the connection between the French Revolution of 1789 and the Haitian Revolution of the 1790s?
5. Identify three reasons why the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain first.
6. Briefly identify two impacts of railway construction on Britain in the early 19th century.
7. Identify some of the changes in peasant life in France and Germany between 1815 and 1848.

Answer the questions below on Metternich’s “Confession of Political Faith” of 1820:
1. What does Metternich believe to be the true basis of government and human affairs?
2. How and in what way does he claim that these true bases are being corroded in his own time?
3. What according to Metternich were the causes of the French Revolution?
4. Who are the people that Metternich holds responsible for political demands and agitation that led to revolution, and what does he see as their motivations?
5. How according to Metternich should European rulers respond to demands for constitutional and representative government?

Answer the following questions on the “Defense of laissez-faire” of 1840:
1. How according to this author should child labor be controlled?
2. What according to the 1840 “Defense of Laissez-faire” does experience show about the effects of economic regulation?
3. What according to this “Defense” should be the goal of economic legislation?

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Compare and contrast the following:
1. Describe how the economic principles in items 12, 15 and 16 of the US Republican Party’s platform of 1860 differed from the principles of laissez-faire capitalism outlined in the “Defense” mentioned above.

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