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Impact of Water Runoff Project

Impact of Water Runoff Project
The intent of your effort is to alert Troop B communities about issues associated with water runoff and area source pollution. When doing this be sure to present the source/cause, contaminant, associated toxicology related to exposure levels, mitigation options, and prevention options. Create research brief. The research brief should be aimed at working professionals. You should assume these professionals have five years of experience in the field, at least a four year degree, and a 12th grade reading level. The research brief must discuss the research and findings of primary research. Be sure to include a full link to the journal article you are reviewing within the text of the research brief.

Information on Your Community Discussion
Let’s focus on your community and do a little research on it. Share basic demographic information about your community, along with a few facts that make it unique or might present challenges. What tools did you use to find this information? How current is this information? How might this information be used by the local public health department?

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