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LAB work For Earth Science ( For More Details please check the attached file

LAB work For Earth Science ( For More Details please check the attached file

Introduction Flat maps represent our three-dimensional Earth in two dimensions, a conversion that causes distortion. A globe can provide a fairly good representation of distance, direction, area, shape, and proximity on Earth. However, the properties of a globe cannot be reproduced simultaneously on a flat surface. In this lab you will address the problem encountered when we try to draw our spherical earth’s surface on a flat map. Part A. Optional Hands-on Activity Extra credit (10pts) If you would like to do this you may. It is not required. Follow the instructions on the video and take a picture of your fruit with marking and then when it is peeled. Watch the video about map projections to learn more. Part B. Explore the Geographic Coordinate system in Google Earth Pro. NOTE: Before you begin the activity you must Install Google Earth Pro. See how in the introduction lab found in the Introduction module. Activity Explore Coordinate System NOTE: Use images to help answer the questions. Be sure to use full sentences that reference the pictures used to better communicate your answers. (1) Make sure the grid check box is selected in the View menu at the top of the screen. (2) Learn how to create a pathway. (3) Draw and measure 10° grids a) Choose any location of latitude, move to the North at 85°. b) Create a pathway for 10 degrees of distance east to west at N85°. c) Measure the pathway in kilometers. d) Name the Pathway. eg. A 10 degree long parallel at N85°. e) Create a pathway of 10° of meridian that connects to the parallel one you just made. f) Measure the pathway in kilometers. g) Name the pathway. Eg. A 10 degree long meridian at E34° (4) Repeat step 3 at N60° (5) Repeat step 3 at N35° Lab 02 Worksheet Earth Science Online Lab02 Worksheet Page 2 (6) Repeat step 3 at N15° (7) Repeat step 3 at the Equator. (8) Save an image for each pathway you created in step 3 Make sure to Title each image the name of the parallel you measured (eg. N85°) (9) Insert the images in Part B. of the Lab Report document. Make them small enough to fit all 5 on one page and use a maximum of three rows of images. Make sure that they have captions and labels. (10) Reference the images in your write up to answer the following questions in a sentence form. a) Are the lengths of the 10-degree parallels the same from North Pole to the Equator? b) Are the lengths of the 10-degree meridians the same from the North Pole to the Equator? c) Which 10° grid block would need to stretched more to fit into a square map? d) How do most 2-demensional maps misrepresent the earths surface, by size or by shape? Why? (11) What is the circumference of the small circles at (show working): a. N85° b. N60° c. N35° d. N15° e. N0° (Hint. A circle has 360°) Complete you Lab report in MS Word and be sure to reference in your write-up any images (which are labeled and captioned). Submit your laboratory report in the Lab 01 Assignment in Blackboard.

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