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Leading up to Paine’s feelings about the tavern keeper, he asks what is a Tory?

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Leading up to Paine’s feelings about the tavern keeper, he asks what is a Tory? Paine describes Tories as men that are cowards and self.  The Tories are not brave men and he would take a hundred men to fight their thousand. From there Paine paints an even deeper emotional picture about his anger and discuss for the Tories. While Paine was stationed at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, during his time in the Continental Army. He met a young man who owned a tavern. The man in the story stood in the doorway of his tavern holding his eight or nine year old son. The man was boastfully going on in conversation as freely as he pleased. The last thing he said was” well! give me peace in my day.” Paine states that this man is “unfatherly,” because no good man would put himself above his child.  The “unfatherly” statement just adds to Patines hatred for Tories. He paints such a picture that if readers didn’t hate Tories after hearing they were cowards, they would for sure hate the non-generous parent that Tories are now. A man who would rather relish peace in his own day then his own child’s’. To drive this feeling home to the reader, Paine makes sure you understand his point by expressing himself in a “I’m a family man” manner. He wants the readers to realize that the Tories are not just men of bad company but men that are evil to the core of their existence. This section of the story was Paines way of fabricating his view into the other men. Awakening them to get up and do their duty, not be like the self-absorbed and  cowardly Tory men.

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