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Leon transfers his shares of stock in Microsoft Inc. to National University as a gift. The school, which pays nothing for the stock, is the owner of the shares in

Leon transfers his shares of stock in Microsoft Inc. to National University as a gift. The school, which pays nothing for the stock, is the owner of the shares in


fee simple.

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joint tenancy.


tenancy in common.


Kevin is a judge hearing the case of Local Dispatch Co. v. National Transport Corp. Applying the relevant rule of law to the facts of the case requires Kevin to find previously decided cases that, in relation to the case under consideration, are


as different as possible.


exactly identical.


as similar as possible.


at odds.


Arnold wants to give Beth a pearl necklace that he has in his safe deposit box at Capital Bank. The bank is closed for a holiday. Arnold gives Beth a key to the box and tells her to go to the bank after the holiday and take the necklace. Beth does this. The next day, Arnold dies unexpectedly. His heirs want the necklace. Can Beth keep the necklace? Explain.


Carly applies for a job at Data Stats LLC for which she is qualified, but for which she is rejected. The employer continues to seek applicants and eventually fills the position. To succeed in a suit against Data for discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Carly must show that she


has a disability that does not limit any major-life activity.


was not hired solely because of a disability.


suffers from a disability that causes her undue hardship.


is willing to reasonably accommodate the employer’s needs.

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