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MBAMKT 682 Digital Marketing (Online), Fall 2021 Final Exam

MBAMKT 682 Digital Marketing (Online), Fall 2021 Final Exam


• The exam is to develop a mini digital marketing plan for OpenAI’s API (choose a particular application such as “chat”, “factual answering”). Please check about the company and their applications. Please feel free to use any other publicly accessible sources of information.

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• On the next page, a digital marketing plan template is provided for you to develop the marketing plan. Please make sure that you address all questions/key points in the template. Answer fully but concisely, and as directly as possible.

• Your marketing plan must be written in your own words. Do NOT “copy and

paste” any text from any websites or sources. You can paraphrase with proper citations. Your answers must be your own work.

• Please adhere to the word limits, both minimum and maximum.

Submission Instructions

• Type your first and last name in the space provided below “Plagiarism Declaration,” as well as in the file name. Save the file as: Firstname Lastname MBAMKT 682 Exam – e.g., Vincent Xie MBAMKT 682 Exam.

• Write all your answers in this document. There is an instruction at the end that says, “Start writing here.” Please type your answers there.

• Submit your answers via email to by 5: 00 pm, December

17, 2021, in Microsoft Word only. No other file types will be accepted. Plagiarism Declaration

• I know that plagiarism is wrong. Plagiarism is to use another’s work and pretend that it is one’s own.

• I have not allowed, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as his or her own work.

• I acknowledge that copying someone else’s work (or part of it) is wrong. • I declare that my answers are my own work.

By typing my name in the space below, I acknowledge that I will follow the Guidelines, Submission Instructions, and Plagiarism Declaration. Student Name: ____________ Date: ___________



Digital Marketing Plan Template

I. Executive Summary (75-100 words)

§ Identify an OpenAI’s API application for this digital marketing plan § Highlight the key takeaways of your marketing plan.

II. Market Analysis (250-300 words)

§ Briefly describe the background of the company (OpenAI). § Target Market of the OpenAI’s API application: Define and describe your

target market (s) clearly. § Identify the key factors influencing the company’s market demand.

III. Digital Marketing Objectives (25-50 words)

§ Present SMART digital marketing objectives: specific, measurable,

actionable, realistic, and time-bound.

IV. Digital Marketing Strategy (450-500 words)

§ Digital Marketing Mix: Choose specific digital channels/tactics (search engine, social media), and provide marketing content examples (e.g., paid search ads, social media posts)

V. Implementation (125-150 words)

§ List the timeline of progress/action program over the period of the digital

marketing campaign (e.g., when does it start and end?) A calendar of main events/milestones may be included.

VI. Performance Evaluation (75-100 words)

§ How is performance toward the stated marketing objectives going to be

measured (e.g., metrics, ROI)?

VII. Bibliography & Footnote (required)

§ Use footnotes in the text when appropriate. Identify all sources of information used to create the marketing plan and place them in a bibliography at the end of the report. Citation style follows the Modern Language Association (MLA) guideline ( Examples can be found via the link here.

VIII. Appendix (optional)

§ Include any relevant explanatory or illustrative materials, such as graphics,

charts, and tables.



Writing and Formatting Concise writing and clear formatting are crucial for the marketing plan. Please keep in mind that:

§ The material/analysis is presented logically. § Use a format similar to this instruction. § The ideas are consistent with each other throughout the report. § Use a professional business writing style. § Use a 11- or 12-point font, single-spaced. § Use headings/subheadings when appropriate. § Each piece of information is relevant to your headings/subheadings. § Add charts/graphics in the appendix if they help to illustrate your point. § Proofread before submission (e.g., check typo and grammar using the

free version of Grading Your marketing plan will be graded on both content and style, including:

§ All key questions/points in the template are addressed sufficiently § Thoughtfulness, depth, and/or creativity § Concise writing, logic flow of ideas § Clear formatting and presentation § Adherence to the word limits § Proper citations

Due date Please email your marketing plan to by 5:00 pm, December 17, 2021. Late submission within 24 hours will be penalized and not accepted after that time.



OpenAI Digital Marketing Plan

I. Executive Summary (75-100 words) Start writing here

II. Market Analysis (250-300 words)

Start writing here

III. Digital Marketing Objectives (25-50 words)

Start writing here IV. Digital Marketing Strategy (450-500 words)

Start writing here

IX. Implementation (125-150 words) Start writing here

X. Performance Evaluation (75-100 words)

Start writing here

XI. Bibliography (required)

Start writing here

V. Appendix (if needed)

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