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NRG5000 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing

NRG5000 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing

Dr. Lisa Capps, Faculty


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Concept Map and Care Plan (Clinical Assignment #2) Grading Rubric

Student Name: __________________________________________________


Description Points Received/

Total Points Possible

  Diagnosis #1 Diagnosis #2 Totals  
Patient Information and Health Assessments

· Complete patient demographics, health assessments, and interventions

    ____/ 3  

· Complete& accurate description of current meds, including purpose for this patient, side effects, and all other data listed in chart

    ____/ 3  

· Includes “signs and symptoms”

· Includes APA references cited

    ____/ 3  
Nursing Diagnosis (Include ALL 2 Dx):

· Reflects the primary diagnosis

· Appropriate for patient scenario as well as priority level

· In acceptable NANDA format

· Includes all parts stem, R/T, AEB

· Only 1 ‘Risk For’ diagnosis can be used

    ____/ 3  

Provided 2 nursing diagnoses: 2 points per diagnosis


    ____/ 4  

· Appropriate for chosen diagnosis

· Includes objective & subjective historical support diagnosing data

____/3 + ____/3 = ____/ 6  
Patient Outcomes:

· Include at least 2 outcomes for each diagnosis

· Specific to the patient diagnosis

· Contains the following 4 criteria:

measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed

· All criteria present for patient’s expected outcome

____/3 + ____/3 = ____/ 6  

· Include at least 3 nursing interventions for each patient outcome

· Includes interventions/ nursing actions directly relating to pt. outcomes

· Specific in action, frequency and contain rationale

· # of interventions is appropriate to help pt./ family meet their outcomes

____/3 + ____/3 = ____/ 6  

· Must have an evaluation statement written for each patient outcome

· Includes all data that is listed as criteria in outcomes

· Outcomes are determined to be met, partially met, or not met

· If outcome was not met/ partially met, plan of care is revised/ continued & new evaluation date/time is set

____/3 + ____/3 = ____/ 6  



Total Points: ____/ 40

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