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PART I Topic: Blood Substitutes

Topic: Blood Substitutes

There is ongoing interest in developing blood substitutes with oxygen-carrying capabilities equivalent to whole blood. These synthetic fluids carry enough oxygen in solution that an organism can actually breathe it. Research and report current developments in this field including clinical trials.

1. Discuss the advantages/disadvantages and give your opinion on the likelihood of a blood substitute being introduced within the next few years. What are the difficulties faced when trying to develop a viable substitute? (Your answer to this question should demonstrate your knowledge of the normal constituents and their functions!)
2. Is this a “better” option than using actual blood? Why? (Be specific!)

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Heart Disease Forum

Time to prove you understand NORMAL vs ABNORMAL it’s a disease assignment!

Remember, this isn’t a report. Symptoms, risk factors, and treatment are not the purpose of this assignment.

Pick from the following list of heart diseases. Get really specific in choosing your disease. If you start to research and there are different kinds, choose ONE to focus on.

Explain the pathology of that particular disease as compared to normal anatomy. Without copying and pasting readily available information found online, try to explain what will be happening in the patient based on your understanding of NORMAL vs this abnormality.

DO NOT give me a list of symptoms!

Identify the normal anatomy or physiology, then explain what is different in the disease process. If indicated by ** ** you will need to pick a particular version of the disease. For instance, if you pick valvular disease, you will need to choose a specific valvular disease such as mitral valve prolapse or aortic valve stenosis.

Valvular disease- mitral stenosis

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