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Pressure Ulcers Prevention in Nursing Facilities

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Student’s name: Vladimir Andino

Institution Affiliation: GCU

Date: 2/3/19

Picot Statement paper on Pressure ulcers prevention in nursing facilities

Pressure ulcers or bedsores are injuries that occur on the skin surface when it is exposed to too much pressure. These injuries can occur to any individual, but the most affected population is sick people who are confined in bed, or people who sit in a wheelchair or chair for long periods. The major risk factors that predispose individuals to this ailment include immobility, health problems which limit blood flow, poor nutrition, and loss of sensation due to impairment of sensory perception. This study focuses on developing a PICOT statement that will aid in limiting the incidences of pressure ulcers in nursing facilities.

Picot statement

P (Problem) Pressure Ulcers in nursing facilities
I (Intervention) Proper nutrition
C (Comparison) Patient population not currently receiving the intervention
O (Outcome) Less pressure ulcers in nursing facilities
T (Timeframe) Period before and after intervention

Problem (Pressure ulcers in nursing facilities)

Patients in nursing facilities are at a higher risk of contracting pressure ulcers because their poor health may cause them to lack the energy to adjust their bed elevations regularly. This population also experience mobility problems, and they may also fail to detect the injuries in good time due to lack of sensory perceptions (Stechmiller, 2010). Too much pain because of other ailments may also cause them to underestimate the effects of pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers is thus a significant healthcare problem in nursing facilities that need to be checked.

Intervention (Proper nutrition)

Though pressure ulcers are popularly known to be caused by immobility problems, poor nutrition also plays a substantial role in influencing the disease. Failing to include sufficient vitamins, minerals, calories, proteins, and fluids in the patients’ diet in order to maintain healthy skin predisposes the patients to more risk of contracting pressure ulcers (Shahin et al., 2010). This study will thus involve provision of patients in nursing facility A with all the necessary food materials for maintaining a healthy skin. A change in diet will thus have to occur, and nurses in the nursing facility will oversee the implementation of the intervention. Nurses in the care facility will however, be enlightened on the specific nutritional foods that should be given to the patients. Other factors that predispose patients to pressure ulcers will remain unaltered.

Comparison (Patient population not currently receiving the intervention)

The results of the intervention will be compared to a nursing facility B that will not have adopted the intervention. Nursing facility B will also be monitored throughout the experiment though no intervention will be executed.

Outcome (Less patient ulcers in nursing care facilities)

The results of the experiment show that the instances of pressure ulcers in the nursing facility reduced significantly since the time the intervention was implemented. The results thus implied that poor nutrition plays a vital role in causing pressure ulcers, and thus implementing proper nutrition can help significantly in reducing the effects. When the results were compared with those of nursing facility B, which had not received the intervention, the facility was found to have increased the instances of pressure ulcers.

Timeframe (Period before and after the intervention)

The intervention program in this study took a period of three months, and it involved patients in nursing facilities who had significant immobility challenges. Proper nutrition was given preference because it would help in maintaining a healthy skin, and hence the skin would be more resilient to pressure ulcers (Stechmiller, 2010). Before implementation of the intervention program records about pressure ulcers on the patient population were taken so that they could be compared with the end results of the intervention.


Shahin, E. S., Meijers, J. M. M., Schols, J. M. G. A., Tannen, A., Halfens, R. J. G., & Dassen, T. (2010). The relationship between malnutrition parameters and pressure ulcers in hospitals and nursing homes. Nutrition26(9), 886-889.

Stechmiller, J. K. (2010). Understanding the role of nutrition and wound healing. Nutrition in clinical practice25(1), 61-68.

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