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Please write the paper with 1-inch margins on all sides and in double-space throughout. Papers from past years will be posted to give you a clear idea of what your papers should include.

Assignment Details

Please write the paper with 1-inch margins on all sides and in double-space throughout. Papers from past years will be posted to give you a clear idea of what your papers should include.

Please read the papers from previous years to get a clear sense of what is expected.

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Please answer the following question.

What is the cause of the neurological illness in Muzaffarpur, India that has been occurring each year since 1995?


1. Read the descriptions of the epidemic posted on the website: Sahni, Indian Pediatrics 2012; Yewale, Indian Pediatrics, 2014; and Shrivastava, MMWR, 2015, and find others in the medical and lay literature.
2. Describe the disease using these articles and the outline from “Control of Communicable Diseases Manual” as a guide.

a. If there is no information about the disease that fits for one or more of the headings, write that there is no information about the disease at this time
b. Feel free to ask anyone for their help in pulling out this information from the articles except the members of the class – experts, professors, former members of this class
c. Use any other resources which discuss the disease. There are articles in both the scientific literature and the lay literature.

3. Identify 3 possible diseases which caused this outbreak.

a. There are multiple proposed possible causes of this disease
b. You may also use all the available resources to come up with 3 possible diseases
i. Suggested resources (not in order of importance)

1. Reading through the “Control of Communicable Diseases Manual”

2. Articles published in the medical literature

3. Articles in the humanities literature

4. Physicians, especially sub-specialists in infectious disease

5. Public health experts, especially infectious disease epidemiologists

6. Historians

7. Microbiologists

8. Neurologists

c. Please site any resources you used to come up with your ideas (eg. “Professor of History suggests that chicken pox….” “In an article published by Malloy in 1968, it is proposed that smallpox…..”)

d. One cause must be a zoonotic disease

4. Describe each of the three diseases using the outline from “Control of Communicable Diseases Manual”.

a. When you state a characteristic of a known disease, you cannot cite a textbook. You must use the medical literature

i. You may use all articles available on PubMed including review articles, epidemiologic studies, clinical trials, letters, etc.

ii. For articles are not available electronically, you must hand in the entire article.

iii. You may not reference a medical textbook

iv. You many not reference “Control of Communicable Diseases Manual”

v. One possible idea is to get an article about the most recent outbreak of each of the 3 diseases

5. State the strengths and weaknesses of the 3 possible diseases

State how each is consistent or inconsistent with the described outbreak

6. Choose one disease as your final answer

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