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Professional Goals

Janeika Barnes

Walden University

NURS 6565 Synthesis in Advanced Practice Care of Complex Patients in Primary Care Settings

Professor: Amy Hamlin

March 3,2018

Professional Goals

Short-term goals and their impact

The short-term goals that I will set include; becoming a certified board member, choosing the patient population to serve as well as evaluating potential employers carefully. Becoming a certified board member will help me become more confident as a nursing practitioner, as well as boost my marketability in the competitive industry. In an effort to ensure that I become a certified board member in record time, I will undertake to apply for the exams before I leave RN and ensure that I am able to sit for them within three or four months after application.

The selection of the patient population encompasses the finding of the perfect position from which I will be able to grow and I will thus have to decide on a specific population that I will serve such as cardiac or the old age people. This will help ensure I am able to easily network within that given specialty area. The third goal that I will set is critical evaluation of the potential employers in which I will undertake to ask about job expectations, such as work hours, patients to be served as well as growth opportunities such as training programs. This will help ensure I land an employer that offers growth opportunities as well as an enabling environment to hone my skills as a nursing practitioner (Masters, 2017).

Long-term Goals and Their Impact

These goals include; get my name out there, engaging in research as well as advancing my qualifications. In an effort to increase my marketability, I will ensure that I stay in touch with the various individuals that I completed my practice with and who are likely to help with recommendations in the event I decide to advance career-wise. I will also ensure that I engage other nursing practitioners who are in the field whether older or even younger and who might help in giving advice as well as recommending career opportunities that might help in my growth. The engagement in research will help advance my understanding of contemporary issues and nursing topics while also giving me the chance to increase my marketability (Masters, 2017). This will add more value on my portfolio and thus increases my chances of advancing in the field. Academic qualifications will play a crucial role in ensuring I continuously hone my skills as well as improve my employability standings; it will also help me improve my leadership skills thus prepare me for a role as a nursing leader.

Strategic Plan

In an effort to ensure that I am able to achieve these goals I will set in place a strategic plan that will address the short-term as well as the long-term goals. In an effort to ensure that I meet all these goals I will start by cultivating a social change in my personal life and which will help prompt me to no longer think as a RN but a NP who has career goals and ambitions to fulfill. The social change that will be set in place will encompass modeling of ethical guidelines to help guide my conduct not only with my peers but also in my private social life (Catalano, 2015). This will help ensure that I remain focused on my goals, with all distractions been slowly stemmed out. I will also become an active participant in both work forums and social forums, as a means of ensuring that I do not get distracted and engaged in vices that can easily deter me from meeting the goals through procrastination. I will lastly develop a personal mission statement and communicate the same to my parents who I will ask to evaluate the progress I am making from time to time, as a means of ensuring that I stay on course and do not deviate.




Catalano, J. T. (2015). Nursing now!: Today’s issues, tomorrow’s trends. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

Masters, K. (2017). Role development in professional nursing practice. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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