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Project Proposal Assignment Brief Your proposal must be structured in the following way: Title: The title should be concise, informative and to the point. It should provide an indication as to the topic area of the project:

Project Proposal Assignment Brief
Your proposal must be structured in the following way:
Title: The title should be concise, informative and to the point. It should provide an indication as to the topic area of the project:

Analysis of Level of Anxiety and Fear before and after endodontic treatment.
Abstract: In approximately 200 words, give a brief background of the area, a summary of the proposed work and the objective(s). (No references in the abstract).
Introduction: Give a review of the literature using primary sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journals), state the aims of the proposed research, rationalise why it is being undertaken, why it is important, and briefly discuss potential outcomes and implications of the project.
Methods: Provide a commentary of the methods you wish to employ in your study, this could incorporate the key experimental methodology, for example questionnaire / survey of student or staff, laboratory experimentation (e.g., PCR, western blot, tissue culture, cytotoxicity assays; or meta-analysis bioinformatic approach etc). It is important in the methodology to identify the type of data that you will generate, qualitative or quantitative, and how you might manipulate the data, statistically to help answer your hypothesis.
Ethics: You need to submit a completed stage 1 ethics approval form (see learning resources) and any required risk assessments along with your project proposal. This is what is marked during the proposal assessment. This will include (in no more than 500 words) a lay summary of your research proposal giving some basic background, methods and intentions, and likely findings or benefit of the study so that it can be understood by a normal person with no specific background in science. It should contain no special scientific terminology but unlike the abstract, it can contain references.Submit documentary evidence of this with your stage 1 ethics form.
References: You should reference (in Harvard format) the sources of information cited in your proposal. These sources (~10-20) should be relevant to the proposed research and should largely consistent of primary research articles, up-to-date review articles (<4 years old) and any seminal publications in the subject area. It is unlikely that websites and general science text-books will be considered as suitable information sources and should therefore be avoided.

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