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Read, Reflect, Analyze: Heroism in The Crucible

Read, Reflect, Analyze: Heroism in The Crucible
In literature as in life, ordinary people respond to a crisis in society by acting heroically. Some even rise to take the larger-than-life role of a hero and take this role on because they have the status or position to act. But sometimes when they act as a hero their idea is flawed, somehow incorrect or misunderstands the larger truth and end up doing evil rather than good. These characters are the hero-villain. Others are just self-seeking individuals who use the crisis for their own benefit or desires. These are the villains of a story.
Taking into consideration what we learn about each character from the events and speeches in the play, identify the heroic role of each of the characters below and explain your interpretation through your understanding of heroic and nonheroic characters and the text of the play. Your responses should be approximately 100 words or less. Respond to five characters from the list below.
1. John Proctor
2. Rev. Hale
3. Danforth
5. Abigail
6. Rev. Parris

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