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Readings: Chapters 1-5 and 10 Creating Effective Learning Environments (text)

Readings: Chapters 1-5 and 10 Creating Effective Learning Environments (text)
Part A: Critique of Floor Plans
Critique 1 of the floor plans provided by:
1. Listing 2 principles, from either Principles of Effective Organization or Principles for the location and Design of Learning, that is well applied in the design.
b) Explain your reasoning for these choices.
2. a) Using either set of Principles, (Assignment #1 Readings) suggest 2 changes that you would make to the floor plan.
b) Explain why you believe each suggestion for change would improve the learning environment for children and educators.
c) List the 2 principles you have applied in making these changes.

Part B: Short Essay
1. Using the Ministry of Education’s How Does Learning Happen? document as a resource:
a) Pick 1 of the 4 Foundations : belonging, well-being, engagement or expression.
b) Define and discuss what that foundation means to you.
c) Explain how you would plan your learning environment to support this foundation, in your classroom.
2. Describe how you would incorporate sand and water play into a preschool learning environment, both indoors and outdoors.
Give specific examples.
Remember to consider levels/types of play, value of these types of play and creative options.
3. In your own works, define ‘creativity’ and explain how the inclusion of art, music, drama (creative arts) enhances all areas of development in an early learning program. Please give specific, creative examples that are play-based and child-directed.

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