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Reflection : Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America,

Reflection : Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, Chapter 18 Parts 3 & 4, 400-600 words address the following topics from your reading of de Tocqueville’s observations of 1830s America:
1) What does de Tocqueville see as the present and future state of Native tribes in America?
2) Why does de Tocqueville view the relationship between blacks and whites differently than that of the whites and Native tribes?
3) How does the author view slavery?
4) How does de Tocqueville describe the relationship between prejudice and slavery?
5) What observations does de Tocqueville make about the northern and southern banks of the Ohio River?
6) What effects does slavery have on southern whites, according to de Tocqueville?
7) How is the relationship between slavery and wealth described by de Tocqueville?
There are 6 total possible points for this assignment. Answers will be graded based on their breadth, scope, use of evidence, and coherence.
Please use MLA format to organize your work.

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