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Interview and Leadership Analysis

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Interview and Leadership Analysis


Leadership is an essential aspect of life regardless of an individual’s background, way of life, and discipline. Leadership enables one to bring a dream into reality. This course introduced me to how people approach leadership and how it adapts to Kouzes and Posner’s models in the leadership challenge. Within this paper, I will describe what I have learned when evaluating my interview with Mr. Daniel Roth, an Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer with Trinity Health connected to Holy Cross Hospital. While carrying out the interview, I gathered and discovered many leadership skills from him. Based on the research I got from the interview, I will be talking of a variety of content within this paper, including a short description of the primary leadership style of this leader, his roles and responsibilities as it relates to safety, quality, and evidence strategies. Trinity Health mission is to become the national leader in improving the health of their communities and each person they serve. Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation serving people across 22 states. Trinity Health advocates for public policies that promotes care for the common good such as improving health of communities, expanding health care coverage and care, paying for high-value care, and investing in public health (Trinity Health, 2021).

Summary of the Interview

I had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Daniel Roth on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. Immediately when I reached his office, the environment there made me feel warm and welcomed, thus helping me calm my nerves as I was anxious before. Mr. Roth later joined me, and this interview revealed various things about having many tribulations and trials to having experienced a lot of leadership dynamics. All through the interview, Mr. Roth showed why it is vital for every individual to be on board and have a similar vision. Mr. Roth made it clear on the importance of having a clear and shared vision. According to Mr. Roth it enables the organization to have a strong basis because the confederation of everyone seeing things from the same angle eliminates confusion, frustration, and inconsistencies. Mr. Roth then went ahead to discuss some of the strategies he uses when he identifies a challenge that may prevent progress in terms of being on a similar page. The summary of his approaches recommended facing the problem straightly and asking as many questions as possible to get to the cause of the problem. Using this strategy enables individuals to face the challenge and thus realize the organization’s goals. The interview collected enough insight and substance of assessing his leadership style to include his weaknesses and strengths.


During this time, I asked various questions to which I think were answered appropriately from which I was capable of evaluating his leadership style. I first asked Mr. Roth to tell me more about the organization’s vision, mission, and core values. Mr. Roth stated various crucial values of this corporation. They included reverence, commitment to those who are poor, safety, justice, stewardship, and integrity. Mr. Roth’s primary leadership style is the democratic style, as he is an empowered leader pushing his team to attain the corporation’s visions and goals. I also asked about how he monitored the performance of the people he leads. He stated that he carried out annual reviews to all employees, including those who have full-time jobs at the organization and those who work as part-timers. An organization that is run well requires employees who are happy and productive. Annual employee reviews are essential to ensure that they are doing the right thing for the organization’s good. An effective performance review is supposed to address the weaknesses and strengths of the employees. According to Mr. Roth, as the organization’s Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, he is required to set goals and objectives that every member should follow in that organization. I think this is a nice idea as it helps all employees to stay motivated thus try to take their creativity to other levels. Mr. Roth also stated he plays a key role in collaboration with the executive team, in the overall development, strategic, service delivery and management of the organization. Mr. Roth also monitored the development of employees and the services they provide their customers with. I highly believe that when working with organization, development and customer services are associated because if an organization contains good customer services, then its growth will be affected positively.

Democratic leaders share the data that affects employees in terms of the responsibilities that await them. Before making a final decision, they seek ideas from their employees (Weiss et al., 2019). When this style is used, it can help build trust between the leader and their employees because they feel like being part of the organization, hence being valued. From the conversation I had with Mr. Roth, I noticed that he likes to listen to his team members actively, sets goals, and makes final decisions after considering his employee’s views from the Chief Clinical Officer aspect. From this, Mr. Roth has various features of a democratic leader, including empowerment of the team members, distribution of responsibility, and assisting team decision-making (Weiss et al., 2019). I firmly believe that the democratic leadership style is advantageous to this organization. It allows the creation and innovation of new solutions that might help solve challenges and issues that may arise at a particular time. When employees have a connection in the places they work, the rates of productivity increase. Democratic leaders are the best as they enable their employees to possess autonomy which offers input past their regular responsibilities. Democratic leaders positively impact an organization because they allow the diversity of ideas; create strong teams, and create an environment conducive to all their customers. After talking to Mr. Roth, I can confidently say he possesses all the leadership skills and features, thus a great leader and an executive director who is competent (Weiss et al., 2019).

From the interview, Mr. Roth inspired his team members to have a common vision, and while using this, it encourages them to continue pushing until they reach their goal. From the interview, I learned the importance of feedback and clarity. Clarity does mean not only effective communication but also an individual’s core values. Despite the challenges one might experience as a leader, it is vital to identify the differences between right and wrong because it helps one become a better leader (Boardable. 2021). To exemplify leadership necessitates engagement, listening, evaluation of the circumstance, decision-making, and making new resolutions. Without this, a leader might have strengths that may turn to be either negative or positive. Mr. Roth believed in allowing others to act, which might be a problem. He knew that it was unrealistic to think that one individual could do everything. He would sacrifice himself to be at the organization’s offices even when it was impossible because he felt it was his responsibility. He admitted that he would never delegate his duties to someone else in the organization. This was wrong as to strengthen others, one needs to share power and offer choices as t would make an individual feel confident and competent. Vulnerability is exhibited when the delegation of a job is at hand, but its transparency can create room for influence. Teamwork equals dream work, but self-esteem might remain at the same place because it persuades others to trust their capabilities. Therefore when an environment is not created from the trust, the organization can never succeed (Boardable. 2021).

In conclusion, leadership includes guiding, motivating, influencing, helping others reach and maintain a shared vision. As a leader, one should be able to help their team members overcome challenges, make the right decisions, and at the same time create unity while trying to intensify diversity in any situation.



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