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See the Lab Report Template for guidelines on formatting your Lab Report. Refer to the information in this document for SPECIFIC topics to cover for this

Extraction Lab Report

See the Lab Report Template for guidelines on formatting your Lab Report. Refer to the information in this document for SPECIFIC topics to cover for this


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– Title

– Abstract

• Summary of the experiment (no experimental details such as masses, temperature, etc.) • Objectives of the experiment (which technique was used and why) • Results (% recovery, melting points)

– Introduction (information from the gapped notes)

• General acid-base reactions for the chemicals given (information from the gapped notes) • Objectives again but in more detail (in the abstract they are just mentioned but not explained)

and why this is an important technique • Change of solubility due to acid-base reactions • Immiscible liquids • Expected results (what does % recovery means, expected melting points)

– Experimental section

• Only the procedure you performed based on the sample you were assigned. Remember you are writing to a chemist so don’t write unnecessary details

– Results

• Your acid-base solubility data • Your extraction data: melting points (experimental and literature), calculations of percent

recovery (include all units) • You also need a paragraph to explain/state your data (do not discuss it or relate to theory)

– Discussion (all discussion needs to be supported by theory, you will always be talking about your specific experiment, with your own data and chemicals, but the explanation for it is based on theory)

• Purpose of the experiment again • Discuss the difference in acid and base for benzoic acid and 4-ethyl aminobenzoate. • Discuss the difference in polarity of the two chemicals in your mixture. (Non-polar, polar aprotic,

polar protic?) • Discuss the change of solubility of the polar protic compound in terms of IMFs • Discuss the immiscible liquids which were used in this experiment (why they don’t mix, how do

you know which one is the top and bottom layer out of the two solvents used during your experiment)



• Discuss how extraction works based on difference in solubility of the specific compounds you used and the polarity of the solvents used during the experiment.

• Discuss the acid-base chemistry performed on the polar protic compound during the extraction and recovery steps (it doesn’t have to be in a lot of detail AND no arrow pushing is requested)

• Specific acid-base reactions for the mixture you separated. That means you need the 2 reactions done in the lab.

• Discuss the percent recovery and melting points (was the experiment successful? What went wrong, if something went wrong? How can it be improved?)

NOTE: If your experiment failed, it is preferred you talk about that, instead of getting somebody else’s data. YOU WILL NOT GET POINTS DEDUCTED FOR BAD DATA, BUT YOU WILL LOSE POINTS FOR NOT PROPER USE OR LACK OF THEORY. We want you to discuss and analyze your data, even if it is bad.

– Conclusion

• Summarize the experiment • Objective of the experiment with the results

– References


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