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SUBJECT: America’s Army – Our Profession Theme, “One Army, Indivisible”

    SUBJECT: America’s Army – Our Profession Theme, “One Army, Indivisible”
    1. Purpose.
    To provide background and context supporting the America’s Army – Our Profession, “One Army, Indivisible” Education Program.

    2. Background.
    a. The America’s Army – Our Profession (AAOP) theme, “One Army, Indivisible” directly supports the intent of the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) to enhance readiness, mutual trust, and cohesion, under mission command, throughout the Army.
    b. The CSA approved the “One Army, Indivisible” theme to continue the momentum gained from prior AAOP themes. AAOP themes are designed to teach and inspire an understanding of the Army Profession and enhance commitment to our professional obligations – to ourselves, each other, the Army, and the American people. Unit commanders and organization directors are encouraged to integrate
    these topics in their professional development programs.
    (1) The 2013 AAOP program focused on quarterly themes: “Standards and Discipline,” “Customs, Courtesies, and Traditions,” “Military
    Expertise ‒ Certified Army Professionals,” and “Trust.”
    (2) The FY 14 AAOP “Stand Strong” theme reemphasized “Trust” in the first half of the year and then transitioned to “Honorable Service
    and Stewardship.”
    (3) The FY 15-16 AAOP Theme, “Living the Army Ethic, Why and How We Serve,” focused on the Army Ethic to include the moral
    principles that guide our decisions and actions in all aspects of life.

    3. Discussion.
    a. One Army. The Total Force is comprised of distinct, interdependent, and mutually supporting components: the Regular Army, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve. Within the Total Force, both Soldiers and Army Civilians make essential contributions to the Army’s ability to provide for the ethical design, generation, support, and application of landpower. The Army’s fundamental mission to win in the unforgiving crucible of ground combat requires the combined, cohesive efforts of the entire team. We must always be ready today and prepared for tomorrow.
    b. AAOP Intent. The Army conducts the FY 17-18 AAOP “One Army, Indivisible” program to strengthen bonds of trust within the Army Profession and reinforce trust with the American people. The Total Force operates as an indivisible team. Soldiers and Army Civilians serving in all components share an identity as trusted Army professionals who are inspired to honorably fulfill their oaths of service to the Nation. Through education, training, and experience, combined with our consistent demonstration of character, competence, and commitment, we build mutual trust among our components, communities of practice, and cohorts. The resulting cohesion within the Army Profession is essential to mission accomplishment, which reinforces our sacred bond of trust with the American people.
    c. Execution. The AAOP “One Army, Indivisible” theme begins 1 October 2016 and continues through 30 September 2018. It applies to all Army organizations in the Total Force (Regular Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve Components) and all Army professionals (Soldiers and Army Civilians). Shared understanding of the communities of practice, components, and cohorts within the Total Force is an essential first step to appreciate the vital role each plays in accomplishing the Army’s mission. When combined with the training and experience expected through the continued development of multi-component units, training partnerships, and operations, the Total Force will improve its readiness and teamwork. Army units, organizations, and professionals will integrate AAOP theme materials and concepts into their professional development programs focusing on three learning objectives:
    (1) Compare the essential role of each component, community of practice, and cohort.
    (2) Demonstrate examples of how each component, community of practice, and cohort contributes to the mission.
    (3) Explain the importance of mutual trust and cohesion as a Total Force.
    d. Outcome. A cohesive Total Force that models the essential characteristics of the Army Profession.

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    4. What You Should Do.
    a. During FY 17 and FY 18, integrate AAOP theme materials and concepts into your professional development programs.
    b. Look for opportunities to partner with other components, communities of practice, and cohorts in your education, training, and operations. This adds practical experience for your Soldiers and Army Civilians in order to build mutual trust and cohesion for future operations.
    c. Take advantage of noteworthy activities (e.g., promotions, award ceremonies, retirements) to recognize all components, communities of practice, and cohorts within your team and increase situational understanding of how each is essential.
    d. Share lessons-learned and encourage Army professionals to write articles and generate discussions on the theme “One Army, Indivisible” as well as the roles and contributions of Army components, communities of practice, and cohorts that highlight our shared identity as “Trusted Army Professionals.”
    e. Create and sustain a positive, professional, and ethical climate. Set the example by recognizing the dignity and worth of all members of the Total Force, treating them with respect.

    5. How the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE) Can Help.
    a. The CAPE website (http://cape.army.mil/aaop/) includes materials to support the FY 17-18 AAOP theme, “One Army Indivisible.” The products are designed to support your professional development programs through facilitated discussions and key messaging.
    b. Products from previous AAOP themes are available on the website and remain relevant to strengthening mutual trust and cohesion across the Total Force.
    c. CAPE leadership is available to conduct Army Profession seminars for division level and higher organizations (and equivalents) in all components. The two-hour facilitated activity is designed to generate discussion focusing on the Army Profession, Army Ethic, and Character Development. The goal is to strengthen our shared identity as “Trusted Army Professionals” and to promote appreciation for
    and understanding of the vital role of our communities of practice, components, and cohorts within our “One Army, Indivisible.” We can demonstrate facilitation techniques and provide training materials to support the chain of command in conducting facilitated professional development sessions within the context of unit missions, training, and activities. To learn more about and schedule an AP seminar, visit the CAPE website.

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