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Tech Report

Tech Report
Words 2,000 (does not include title page, abstract, Table of Contents, or Appendix).
Task: For this paper, you will expand upon your first assignment – the Informative Paper- adding: a title page with abstract, table of contents, an introduction section, a conclusion section, at least 2 visuals, footnotes, and an appendix). You will also need to expand upon the topic itself and your explanations and analysis thereof; thus, you should consider using 2-3 secondary sources for each subtopic to help you expand your original thoughts. You should use at least 6 sources for this paper.

Choosing a secondary audience will help you to expand this paper as well. So you aren’t forgetting about the first one- you’re just adding another layer of audience to the original. Since your first project only considered a supervisor as the intended audience, this time, you should consider a laymen audience. This means that you’ll need to break some concepts down and provide more explanation and unpacking of jargon, terminology/procedures.

Order of Structure for Paper and Checklist for Parts:
1. Title Page with Abstract
2. Table of Contents (lists major sections/subtopics and back matter: appendix
3. Introduction
4. Visible, multiple sections with Sub-headings- key areas of your discussion
5. Footnotes at the end of each page.
6. Visuals integrated appropriately.
7. Conclusion
8. Appendix
Your papers should be informative and analytical- you should be concise but thorough, so you’ll want to think about your sentence structures and cutting out unnecessary words and clutter from your syntax. How you write for your two audiences is very important. It will determine what you say in your abstract, the subtopics you choose, your level of explanation, and the graphics you integrate.

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Prep Assignment Commas and Semicolons Upload
Please correct the following sentences by placing commas and/or semicolons in the right position.
1. Many companies make sugar-free soft drinks which are flavored by synthetic chemicals the drinks usually contain only one or two calories per serving.
2. Mr. Leyland played the viola professionally for many years and he now conducts a community orchestra.
3. The crab grass was flourishing but the rest of the lawn unfortunately was dying.
4. The hill was covered with wildflowers it was a beautiful sight.
5. As I turned around I heard a loud thump for the cat had upset the goldfish bowl.
6. The artist preferred to paint in oils he did not like watercolors.
7. The house was clean the table set and the porch light on everything was ready for the guests arrival.
8. He looked carefully in the underbrush but he failed to notice the pair of green eyes staring at him.
9. The foundations of the house had been poured but to his disappointment,nothing else had been done because of the carpenters’ strike.
10. The computer could perform millions of operations in a split second however, it could not think spontaneously.
11. I thought registration day would be tiring but I didn’t know I’d have to stand in so many lines.
12. The dog growling and snarling snapped at me I was so frightened that I ran.
13. The snowstorm dumped twelve inches of snow on the interstate subsequently the state police closed the road.
14. Professors are supposed to be absent-minded and I’ve seen plenty of evidence to support that claim since I’ve been in college.
15. The suspect said that he had never met the victim however the detective knew that he was lying.

Prep Assignment on Visuals
For this prep assignment, use this space to discuss your choices for graphics in this project- detail them and indicate how each best benefits your project.

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