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Technological submission

Assessment Part One: Technological submission

Students will be expected to collaboratively produce a wiki , to be posted by the specified deadline. The topic of the wiki should relate to the use of digital technologies the teaching of the four skills, integrated skills, grammar and / or vocabulary.

The topic can either be about:
(A)the integration of one technology type into a short teaching sequence; or
(B)the integration of a technology type into a syllabus or teaching programme.

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TOPIC SELECTED: Use of Blogs in Language Teaching

For either (A) or (B) you should focus on one of the following technologies (though you may think of another):

1. Smartphone: chat, texting
2. Smartphone: audio / video recording an evaluation of performance
3. Artificial intelligence apps: Siri, Google translate
4. Online language learning apps (e.g. DuoLingo, HelloTalk, Mindsnaps etc.)
5. Tech-based supplementary materials to a published coursebook
6. A VLE platform (Moodle, Blackboard, Macmillan Campus)
7. Generic office software: word processor, presentation software,
8. Video creation software (Imovie, Clips (Iphone), Movie Maker)
9. YouTube videos (or use of video in general)
10. Concordancers
11. Websites (i.e. those not designed for language learning) (for reading skills)
12. Multimedia input: (video plus audio plus text)
13. Collaborative learning focussed apps, e.g. Google Docs, wikis, blogs
14. Augmented Reality Apps
15. Teacher-made language practice apps (e.g. Hot Potatoes, H5P)
16. Search engines and information literacy
17. Digital dictionaries.

The technology you choose may determine the approach you take. For example, it may be quite easy for you to find a teaching video with specific language knowledge / skills aims which shows the use of, say 1, 2, 7, 9, 10. In such cases, you can focus on (A). Alternatively, if you are unable to find a videoed teaching sequence, you can create your own. You can do this by taking ideas from teachers’ resource books about technology in ELT and develop them into fully developed lesson plans, showing how the technology is integrated into a teaching sequence.

Alternatively, it may be difficult for you to find example teaching sequences; or not appropriate to integrate a specific technology into a teaching sequence; for example, 4, 6 and possibly 13. In such cases you will need to explore how the technology might fit across a programme of, say, x number of teaching weeks, and how it complements classroom teaching in some kind of blended learning approach.

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