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Ten observations of cycle time were made, and the average observed cycle time was 17 minutes. Using an allowance factor of 20%, calculate the standard time for this process.

Part 1:


1. Patient volumes for a radiology clinic are observed to have the following time-series data: Monday = 25, Tuesday = 28, Wednesday = 32, Thursday = 26, and Friday = 30. Using a 5-day moving average, and ignoring weekend volumes, what is the projection for the following Monday? If you used a 3-day moving average, using Wednesday through Friday values, how would the forecast change?

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2. Assume that a hospital has a single-phase, multiple-channel waiting line. There are 2 employees, 10 customers currently in line, and new patients arrive at the rate of approximately 40 patients per hour. Calculate the average wait time.


3. Ten observations of cycle time were made, and the average observed cycle time was 17 minutes. Using an allowance factor of 20%, calculate the standard time for this process.


Part 2

1. Based on the following data, calculate the single-factor productivity ratio using hours of labor for a housekeeping department.


• Number of employees = 100


• Average hourly rate = $5.50


• Total hours worked in September = 15,570


• Total square feet maintained = 190,000


2. In the preceding problem, using sensitivity analysis, if the productivity ratio was 13.1 the previous month, has productivity increased or decreased? By what percentage?


3. Assume that a new piece of equipment could allow 25% of the labor force in Question 1 to be eliminated. Using a 173-hour working month for each employee, a total equipment cost of $60,000 (which has a useful life of 3 years), and ignoring the effect of cash flow and time value of money, would this be a good use of capital?


4. If a hospital reported the following results, calculate the full-time equivalent employees per adjusted occupied bed:




Assess techniques that organizational leaders and improvement project teams must implement to accomplish quality goals

Apply methods for redesigning healthcare processes to achieve more reliable performance





In MS Excel, complete the exercises above.

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