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The author neither utilized APA format for referenced material used nor cited an outside peer- –reviewed behavioral reference.

Discussion Post Rubric 20 Possible Points

Category 4 Points 2 Points 0 Points

Length of Post The author’s post consisted of 150— 200 words

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The author’s post consisted of 100— 149 words

The author’s post consisted of 99 words or less

Grammar, Usage, Spelling

The author’s post contained less than 2 grammar, usage, or spelling errors.

The author’s post contained 3—4 grammar, usage, or spelling errors.

The author’s post contained more than 5 grammar, usage, or spelling errors and proofreading was not apparent.

Referencing and Utilizing Outside Sources

The author posted references from peer— reviewed behavioral sources in APA format and cited one or more original behavioral references, outside of the assigned readings.

The author posted references in APA format of assigned readings but did not include an additional peer— reviewed behavioral reference.

The author neither utilized APA format for referenced material used nor cited an outside peer- –reviewed behavioral reference.

Promotes Discussion The author’s post clearly responds to the assignment prompt, develops ideas cogently, organizes them logically, and supports them through empirical writing. The author’s post also raises questions or stimulates discussion.

The author’s post responds to the assignment prompt but relies heavily on definitional explanations and does not create and develop original ideas and support them logically. The author’s post may stimulate some discussion.

The author’s post does not correspond with the assignment prompt, mainly discusses personal opinions, irrelevant information, or information is presented with limited logic and lack of development and organization of ideas Does not support any claims made.

Demonstrates Application of the Assigned Reading and Behavioral Concepts

The author’s post clearly demonstrates application and relationship to the week’s assigned reading/topic.

The author’s post refers to the assigned topic/reading tangentially but does not demonstrate application.

The author’s post does not demonstrate application of the week’s assigned topic/reading.

Be advised, there are also response costs associated with specific behaviors:

• A response cost of 3 points will be administered for not responding to a peer’s post • A response cost of 1 point will be administered for not reading all of peers’ posts • Late discussion posts will adhere to the general policy found on the Virtual Course Schedule.

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