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The average amplitude of the P wave, the QRS complex, and the T wave.

The average amplitude of the P wave, the QRS complex, and the T wave.
• The average time interval (or beat period) between adjacent R waves, in seconds.
• The heart rate, in beats per minute, is calculated from the equation:
Heart Rate (BPM) = 60 seconds/minute average seconds/beat

1. Do the P waves of different subjects have the same amplitude? The QRS complexes?
The T waves? Why?

2. For each subject, determine the wave with the largest amplitude. Is this result the same for all individuals?

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3. Is the heart rate the same for each individual?

4. What is the range of resting heart rates within the class?

5. Are there any obvious correlations between resting heart rate and sex, apparent fitness, or diet of your subjects? To determine apparent fitness, the class may want to compose a list of questions that will allow you to assign a relative fitness factor to each subject.
What changes occur under each condition in the EKG and/ or the blood pressure?
What was the subject’s blood pressure under each condition?
Discuss reasons for changes in BP observed.
Are there any correlations between changes in BP and changes in the EKG?

All of this data could be easily arranged in a single table in your lab writeup.
What will go in the columns? How will each row be labeled?
As part of the lab writeup, COMPARE AND CONTRAST blood flow through the heart of a mammal vs. a fish.
Why is the fish heart arranged the way it is?
Include a labeled diagram of the chambers of the fish heart.

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