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The First Folio edition of Shakespeare’s play was printed in?

1- The First Folio edition of Shakespeare’s play was printed in?

A- 1623 B-1660 C-1616 D-None

2- Who is the movement poet?

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A- Philip Karkin B-Ted Hughes C-T .S Eliot D- W. H Auden

3-Look Back in Anger was performed in the year

A-1956 B-1957 C- 1955 D-1958

4- Who was the first recipient of the Sahitya Akademi award for English

A- R.K Narayan B-Raja Rao C-Bhabani Bhattacharya D- Mulk Raj Anand

5-Who wrote Absalom Absalom?

A- William Faulkner B-Dr. Johnson C-Dryden D-Fitzgerald

6- The novel No Name (1862) was written by

A- Wilkie Collins B-Charles Kingsley C-Anthony Trollope D-None

7- Who is the heroine in Shakespeare ‘Temple ‘?

A- Miranda B-Portia C-Viola D-Beatrice

8- Who is everyman?

A- A Morality Play B-Essay by Camb C- A Comedy D-Essay by Bacon

9- ‘Light Breaks where no sun shines’ is written by

A- Dylan Thomas B-W.B Yeats C- T.S Eliot D- D.H Lawrence

10- Who wrote ‘Daffodils’

A-Wordsworth B-Byron C-Shelley D-Keats

English Literature Test Two.

1-When was Johnson’s Dictionary’ Published?

A- 1955

B- 1754



2- Who among the following introduced sonnets?

A- Thomas Wyatt

B- Philip Sidney

C- Shakespeare

D- Spenser

3- The term ‘Negative Capability is to associate with

A- John Keats


C- T. S Eliot


4- The character, maggie figures in

A- The Mill on the Floss

B- Adam Bede

C-Silas Marner


5- The Heroic Couplet as first use by

A- Chaucer

B- Pope



6- Who said ‘Geography is about Maps, but biography is about chaps’?

A-E.C Bentley

B- Ogden Nash

C- E. E Cummings

D- Hilaire Belloc

7-” They also serve who stand and wait” are opening lines by

A- Milton

B- Aristotle

C- Shakespeare

D- None

8- What was the Nationality of Famous English author Oscar Wilde?

A- Irish


C- Italian


9- ”Frailty, thy name is women” are from which famous Shakespeare play?

A- Hamlet


C-As you like it

D- King Lear

10- Who wrote Agnes Grey?

A- Anne Bronte

B- Jane Austen

C- Charlotte Bronte

D- Emily Bronte

English Literature Test Three.

1- The Origin of Species was written in

A- 1859

B- 1857



2-Arnold mourns the untimely death of —– in ‘Thyrsis’ an elegy.

A- Arthur Hugh Clough

B- Arthur Hallan


D- None

3- Arnold wrote, ”With him is born our real poetry” who does ‘him’ refer to?

A- Chaucer




4- Which version of the Bible did Wycliff make use of for the translation?

A- Latin




5- The Authorised Bible was dedicated to

A- James 1

B- Charles 2

C-Charles 3

D- Jesus Christ

6- The Beggar’s Opera was written by

A- Matthew Prior

B- Samuel Butler

C- John Gray

D- None

7- When as the Reform Bill passed?

A- 1832




8- When did W.B Yeats receive the Nobel prize for literature?





9- What is Milton’s ‘Areopagitica’

A- A Play for the freedom of the press



D- Play

10- Who wrote Sohrab and Rustom?

A- Keats



D-Mathew Arnold

English Literature Test Four

1- Alexander Pope was the undisputed master of :

A- Tragedy

B- Songs of Nature

C- Lyrical Poetry

D- Satiric and Didactic Verse

2- Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four appears in





3- What is Threnody?

A- Song Sung at Death

B- Marriage Song

C-Victory Song

D-Sung at the birth of a son

4- ”Blow, Blow thou winter wind” in As You Like it is sung by———–


B- Rosalind



5- Who is Walt Whitman mourning in the poem ‘O Captian My Captian’

A- Lincoln

B- Shelley


D-Washington Irving

6-Which is John Keats’s first poem?

A- Stopping by Woods

B- Daffodils

C- When I have a fear

D- Endymion

7- When was Spensers ‘Faerie Queene’ first published?

A- 1591




8- How many Essays did the final volume of Bacon Essays contain?

A- 68

B- 58



9- Sir Walter Scott wrote which classic?

A- Ivanhoe

B- Trial

C- The Plague

D-Invisible Man

10-Charles Lamb is famous as an author of

A- Essays of Elia


C- Tragedy

D- Blank Verse

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