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The health promotion model is a great model that can be used in any aspect of the healthcare field. The combination of nursing and behavioral science is a great platform in understanding how to relate to patients on an individual level

1) The health promotion model is a great model that can be used in any aspect of the healthcare field. The combination of nursing and behavioral science is a great platform in understanding how to relate to patients on an individual level. Participating in your own self-care not only assists in preventing further illness and ensuring overall health but also allows patients to feel a sense of independence and input in their own care.
I currently manage a primary care office, and the application of the health promotion model would be of great value in providing care for our patients, understanding a patient’s individual concept of health would allow us to achieve better outcomes with patients care. The concepts of the health promotional model, such as exploring a patient’s individual characteristics and experiences, their perceived benefits and barriers to action, perceived self-efficacy, situational influences, interpersonal influences and their commitment to a plan of action would allow us to educate patients based on their individual need, intern allowing us and the patient to coordinate the best plan of care.
The HPM is also a great concept that could be used in psychiatry, whereas patients with mental illness are encouraged to care for oneself while hospitalized, do you think the limitations noted in the HPM would limit patients with psychiatric disorders?

2) How can (if possible) the Health Promotion Model be utilized in patients that are confused or have no capacity to make their own medical decisions?

3) Aside from referring them to outpatient centers or even printing discharge instructions as mentioned by your fellow Onyx, what is another way we can bring a change to the community using the HPM

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4) The health promotion model focuses on helping people achieve higher levels of well-being. It encourages health professionals to provide positive resources to help patients achieve behavior specific changes. The goal of the HPM is not just about helping patients prevent illness through their behavior, but to look at ways in which a person can pursue better health or ideal health. The paper said: “Pender’s health promotion model is a combination of nursing and behavioral sciences, and aims at health protection, health promotion, disease prevention, and positive behavioral outcomes. It emphasizes an individual’s understanding and perception of health in order to promote health”. Some people are born with pathological diseases; some people will never, no matter what they do, be able to pursue an healthy life. Is the model fails them or is the model does not apply to them? How they can be helped?

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