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The purpose of this assignment is to gain knowledge on the impact of teen pregnancy on other people’s lives through conducting a key informant interview.

The purpose of this assignment is to gain knowledge on the impact of teen pregnancy on other people’s lives through conducting a key informant interview.

A key informant is a person who is not only knowledgeable about teenage pregnancy, but one who can express his/her thoughts, feelings, experiences, insights and perspectives about the issue. **I have already completed this part of the assignment, and my key informant was Janet (I will keep her last name anonymous for now to respect her privacy), and she is a teen sexual health educator. I have attached a written transcript of my interview with her. **

Using your key informant’s personal experiences, professional experiences and other insights that they have about teen pregnancy and parenting, you are to write a 6-8 page paper discussing how these experiences or insights may inform program development, policy or advocacy in the field of teen pregnancy.

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Some requirements for this paper:

1. 6-8 pages minimum
2. This paper needs to show an understanding of the key informant interview and how the information attained from the key informant applies to the topic of teen pregnancy prevention and intervention. In other words, how can this interview help inform/improve teen pregnancy prevention and intervention programs and policies?
3. You should include an introduction and summary/conclusion to your paper.
4. Pay attention to the way you write the paper. Be aware of your own style of writing and please check all spelling, grammar and punctuation. Don’t only count on spell check!
5. APA style is required for this paper

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