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This chapter allows you to describe how you will complete the study or do the project you have selected. It is an opportunity to describe to the reader all of the steps taken to achieve the results or outcomes described in the next chapter.

This chapter allows you to describe how you will complete the study or do the project you have selected. It is an opportunity to describe to the reader all of the steps taken to achieve the results or outcomes described in the next chapter.
Please read the below for a detailed description on how to complete this step.
Step 6 – The Method ChapterPreview the document
In a 4-6 page paper written in IWG format, and attached as a Microsoft Word document, complete the Method Chapter

Step 6 – The Method Chapter
The method chapter of an APA formatted project or thesis study provides the methods and procedures to be used in a research study or project. You should provide detailed information on the design, participants, equipment, materials, variables, and actions taken by the participants. This Chapter should provide enough information to allow other researchers/students to replicate your study or project. The Chapter should utilize headings to divide up different sections.

These sections should include the following (use the bolded words as headers):
1. Introduction: Include in this section a restatement of your purpose and introduce what you will say in the methodology chapter.
2. Participants: Describe the participants in your study or project, including who they will be, how many there will be, and how they will be selected. For example: 150 4th and 5th grade children will be randomly selected from elementary schools in the Salt Lake City area.
3. Materials: Describe the materials, measures, equipment, or stimuli to be used in the study or project. This may include testing instruments, technical equipment, books, organizational procedures or equipment, images, or other materials used in the course of the study or project. For example: The Child Behavior Checklist (CBC) will be provided to teachers and parents to identify the typical behaviors of 4th and 5th grade children before and after the in-school intervention.
4. Design: Describe the type of design to be used in the study or project. Specify the variables measured (e.g., child behavior, or effectiveness of marketing plan developed in the project) as well as the levels of these variables (e.g., the 4th grade was compared to the 5th grade or the project impacted all nurses at the facility or only those in med/surg).
5. Procedure: The next part of your method section should detail the procedures to be used in your study or project. Explain what you will have participants do, how you will collect data, and the order in which steps will occur. For example: The CBC will be distributed to parents and teachers prior to the beginning of the inschool intervention. The intervention will include a facilitated discussion among the 4th and 5th grade classes at four elementary schools. Facilitators will be trained early childhood education specialists who will lead a discussion on living the golden rule, how everyone can contribute to a better world and the role that personal responsibility plays in happiness. The intervention will occur three times each week for 8 weeks, after which the CBC will be administered again. Comparisons will be made within and between the grades.
6. Work Plan with Timetable: It is important that the proposal include a work plan of how the study or project will be completed. Describe in detail what you plan to do until completion of your thesis study or project. List the stages of your project or study in a table format. In the table indicate deadlines you have set for completing each stage of the project or study, including any work you have already completed. Finally, discuss any particular challenges that need to be overcome.

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